Choosing The Right Relationship

I love the animals God created especially dogs and birds. Dogs are loyal and no matter how much they tend to fight each other over everything, they will never make pigs their best friends. They would always watch out for each other. The same goes for the birds. I love the pelicans. You see, they are great fishers. They fly in groups over the waves, and when they find fish they dive and scoop them up. But there were these pelicans who hadn’t fished in years and so they grew fat and lazy. Apparently began to die off.

After trying different things, environmentalists finally found a way to keep them from becoming extinct. They imported pelicans from other areas. The ones that were used to hunting every day and integrated them with the local birds. It worked! The newcomers immediately began fishing for food, and it wasn’t long before the starving pelicans began to do the same.

Are you starving for success? Are you tired of fighting for what you believe in? Are you tired of seeking for justice that never comes? If you are, one of the best ways to get things moving in your life is to get around achievers! Watch how they work, read their books, and learn how they think and do what they do. There are no shortcuts to this! You’ll inevitably become like the company you keep.

A wise man wrote, “Become wise by walking with the wise”. Surround yourself with people who compliment you, not duplicate you. If you’re led only by those whose insights is no deeper than your own, how far do you think you will get? ” When a blind man leads a blind man, they both end up in a ditch”.

Limiting yourself to those who laugh at the same jokes, vote for the same party( this is for my Nigerian people as they get ready to vote for their next leader), and share the same ideas, robs you of personal growth, and force you to live in a secured but shrivelled world. If you’re going to progress to the next level, spend time with those who are already there or who at least know how to get there.

Your development, and in some cases your healing, can take place only when you cross paths with people who stretch you. ” But what if they make fun of me?” you ask. Only the arrogant to that. The wise respond to seekers, for they are seekers themselves. Risk asking! Refuse to remain a prisoner in a world of ignorance.

” But what if I don’t measure up?” you ask. If you don’t stand near a ruler, you don’t know how much you need to grow or how much you’ve already grown. Having less information doesn’t make you a lesser person. Life’s a school, and every one acquaintance is a teacher. Whatever others know, they haven’t always known it. The greatest indictment against not knowing is not learning.

So, today, seize every opportunity to learn! But please make sure you pick the right people.

Love and Blessings ❤❤

Photo Credit: Pixabay

8 thoughts on “Choosing The Right Relationship

  1. Thank you for this! I like to surround myself with like minded individuals because I like when people are on my level..thinking wise and I like to learn from people too stuff I didn’t know before 😊 I enjoy stuff like that


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