Keep Calm…

And don’t lose your joy!

People will always be people, they would always have something to talk about that’s what the mouth is for and that includes you. No matter how hard you try to please them and get them to understand you and your perspectives, it won’t stop them from hating you. There are people that no matter what you do, they just can’t love you. They can’t understand what makes you thick, they can’t understand why you do the things you do, and instead of asking you, they hate you.

What do you do when you meet such people? You smile, stay calm and keep your joy. Successful people don’t allow other peoples garbage to take them down, no matter how much they litter the highway with it. When someone dumps a load on you, shake it off, don’t get upset and move on. If you make the mistake of carrying it, you will end up carrying their excess garbage and the sad thing is that you will dump it on someone else.

You have to keep your calm and keep your joy at all times. These days many people are dumping frustrations, rejections, depressions, criticism, disrespect, bitterness etc on anyone they come in contact with. With little or no regard for empathy. The truth is, we can’t stop them from dumping them because we don’t have control over what every other person does, but we can control how and what we react to. You don’t need the garbage the world is dishing out and you certainly don’t need to allow it poison you. You have enough things of our own to deal with and you certainly don’t someone else’s bitterness, sour attitude, pressure and much less their garbage.

Stay calm and stop allowing little things to bother you. Your destiny is too great, your life is too important for you to go around weighed down with other peoples garbage. We are not always going to be here. Most of the things that steal our joys away are trivial things, things that don’t really matter. ” Traffic was backed up, the rain won’t stop pouring down and messing up my Gucci shoes, the car won’t stop breaking down”! Are all these worth losing your joy over?

You’re alive, healthy, God’s given you breath, he’s given you a family that loves you no matter how damaged they may appear to be. If somebody made you feel bad, said something negative about you, is it worth going about offended and with a schmuck look on your face? What if you found out that you’ve got only one month to live? Do you think what is upsetting you now will still matter?

As scary as it may sound, our time here is limited. The scripture says our life is like a mist, fumed in a moment and then it’s gone. We are alive my dear friends. We’ve got another day to enjoy life. Some people don’t! Some don’t even have a job, some are in the hospital, some are unable to work or walk.

I’m grateful to be alive and do what I do now. I’m grateful to write, some can’t even hold a pen much less use the computer. God’s been good to me and if you’re honest with yourself, you would see he’s been good to you too. The truth is, somebody would love to be where you are right now. Somebody would love to have your job, somebody would gladly trade places with you.

What you have now may not be perfect but keep your heart right, have the right perspective and God will bless you with what you truly deserve. I need you to put your feet down and say ” This is the day the Lord has made. I am not going to live sour, defeated, depressed, and shattered. I am not going to let what people do or don’t do steal my joy away”. I wish you all lots of joy and happiness.

Love and Blessings ❤❤❤

Photo Credit: Pixabay

17 thoughts on “Keep Calm…

    1. Very informative and I agree with everything she wrote. There’s nothing like being real about who you are and your intentions.
      I love the post. Thank you for sharing. I couldn’t find where to leave a comment on the page. Pls, see to it.


  1. Oh Whitney, I think this is one of your best posts ever! I especially enjoyed reading the second paragraph. As a counselor I’ve seen so many people hang on to the past, allowing it to fester and destroy their testimony. I’ve also learned through the normal trials of enduring a few disgruntled church member’s nasty comments occasionally as a pastor’s wife, I vowed to hand those sad people over to the Lord and prayed He would handle it. Nothing should steal our Joy! Thanks so much for this, ❤


    1. Thank you, ma’am and I truly appreciate your kind words. I am ever learning to be better and a constant work in progress.
      The mistake most people make quite often is dragging the past into the future and thereby making the future fearful and less hopeful.
      You are doing a great job as a counsellor. Its never easy but it rewards in the long run.
      Keep up the good work ma’am. Thank you very much for commenting. Keep your joy today and always. God bless ❤

      Liked by 1 person

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