Facing The Giants …(Part 2)

Hello beautiful people! Trust you had a great day.

Life isn’t a bed of roses but no matter how thorny it is, it’s always beautiful. The truth is, in life, there would always be things that would work against us, situations that aren’t fair, people that do us wrong. It’s also easy to get discouraged and think that’s the way its always going to be. Just because you had oppositions doesn’t mean you’re not in Gods will. Each time you’re about to gain new grounds move forward, there would always be an opposition. There would be people who would try to discourage you, there would be things you don’t understand and probably never would. The people that want to achieve destiny aren’t moved by what’s not working out. They know Gods in control, he’s directing their steps, that what was meant for their harm he’s going to turn for their advantage. They know setbacks is really a set up for Him to do something great through them and for them. They know that oppositions are signs of victory in disguise.

Let’s examine the case of David. When God was going to promote him when he took him from the shepherd’s field and anointed him, king. He didn’t send him a friend. He didn’t have king Saul say ” I see the potential in this young boy and so I will relinquish my throne for him”. God sent him a giant. David could have thought ” God, I don’t understand this! Samuel said I’ll be the next king! He anointed me in front of my family and he didn’t say anything about this giant!”. No, David understood the principle of oppositions. He understood that with opportunity comes oppositions.

When he defeated Goliath, he became an overnight hero. All of Israel took note of this. Remember, nobody, celebrated him when the prophet poured oil on his head and said he would be the next king. They rather thought, ” It’s just David! Who cares if he’s anointed! Who he is don’t change anything! As a matter of fact, David went back to the shepherd’s field after he was anointed. H didn’t look any different. But, when he defeated Goliath, that one victory gave him instant respect from all of Israel.

The giant you face weren’t sent to defeat you but to show people how strong and how blessed you are. It’s one thing to say you’re anointed, it’s another thing for God to prove you’re anointed. When you defeat that giant, when you beat that cancer, when you pay your house off, when your business takes off, there won’t be any doubt; people would see the favour of God in your life. They’re going to have respect for you.

They may have disrespected you in the past, not paid much attention to your abilities and capabilities, all that would change. Don’t run away from the giant, run to the giant. The giant is not going to defeat you, it would establish you. The giant is going to give you a new level of influence only if you have the right perspectives.

Goliath sole purpose was to establish David. Don’t complain about your giants. Without that giant, you can’t take your throne and without that opposition, you wouldn’t see the fullness of your destiny. When facing the giants keep a new perspective on what’s on the other side of the giant. You have to out stand the opposition, have a mind made up to win. If you do lose (so to speak) never consider it a sign of weakness or failure, rather see it as an opportunity for God to do greater things and open new doors for you.

He didn’t bring you this far to leave you. He knows what’s happening, he sees the medical reports, he sees who’s not treating you right. If you stay in faith like David, you’ll not only come out, you’ll come out better, healed, promoted and at a new level towards your destiny.

Love & Blessings ❤❤

Photo Credit: Google Pics

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