Let Somebody Else Be Right!

Hello everyone!

Today I learned its okay to let someone else be right even though you know you are right. This can be a hard nut to crack, a hard pill to swallow for someone who is used to proving he is right and his words are gospel. Sometimes, in life, you need to stay and fight, take what belongs to you but there are times when you need to walk away and let things be for a while. You could win the argument, fight, or challenge but it may do so much damage and cause so much trouble and strife and you end up wishing ” Why didn’t I just let go!”.

There are new levels on the other side of every adversary. The mistake we make too often is that we stay too long at the place of arguing, trying to prove we are right and others are wrong, prove our point, convince someone we are right etc. There are some battles that are not worth fighting. Be a peacemaker. Let somebody else be right even though you know they are wrong. While you do this, everything in your mind will as ” you’re weak, you’re letting him get the best of you, you’re going to have to start all over again”. But guess what? Starting over is where your growth and next level is.

We are not called to straighten everybody out. They may be wrong, and you’re right but you have to ask yourself; if you win the argument, what is it going to accomplish? Is it going to move you forward or is it going to make you just feel good? You could win but in the big picture, it took you time, energy, focus. Things you should be using for your own dreams.

When you fight too many battles, it seizes to matter. If that battle is not between you and your God-given destiny, its a distraction, trying to lure you off course to get you stuck when you are supposed to be moving.

I have to pen off now and continue tomorrow. Please stay logged in.

Love & Blessings

Photo Credit: Pixabay

17 thoughts on “Let Somebody Else Be Right!

    1. Yes, Kamal. We can’t afford to be interfering in every little thing. We’ve got to let something go and give people the chance to see things from our own perspective. But, it shouldn’t be done with force.
      Wise words from a wise man. Thanks for sharing.

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  1. This is right in line with my husband and I’s conversations. We deal with the public so the test of silence come often but we are definitely getting better.


    1. Hi, TanyaG, I’m so glad you dropped by today and shared with us.
      We have to learn to accept what we can’t change and change what we can’t accept with courage and wisdom.
      I wish you both all the best, today and always. ❤

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