Let Somebody Else Be Right…(Pt 2)

Hello everyone! Trust your day is good, and you are safe and sound. Yesterday, I did a post on letting somebody else be right and promised to round it up today. I will be doing just that.

It’s never easy to have someone be rude around you without having to straighten them out. Some people are super skilled in making conflicts and throwing tantrums and oftentimes you just can’t help but wonder if they are humans or aliens. They are ready to drink the aspirin for your own headache and still show no sign of overdose. They can be super annoying and frustrating. The question is can you spend the rest of your days straightening those people out and putting them in their place? How much of your strength and energy would that consume? A lot, right! Of course.

Which is why I recommend you let them be unless the person is teachable and approachable and is willing to accept corrections without being bias. Otherwise, walk away. Truth be told, most of the battles we fight were not meant for us and are not worth it. The more people you’re in front of, the more critics you’ll have. You’ve got to stop trying to convince people that you are right and they are wrong all the time. Rather, let your good works speak for you, maintain your dignity and never stop rising.

My dad would always say “ why sit around and look for people to change when you have your entire future to look forward to and live?“.

You have to learn to let some things go. Let somebody else be right for the sake of peace. It doesn’t mean you have to be a fool for all, I’m simply saying; choose your battles, select the voice you want to hear amidst every other voice and be comfortable in your own skin. Ignore insults. Why may you ask? Because some insults are questions and meant to push you to be better only if you have the right perspectives.

Insults like “Are you mad? Is something wrong with you? Are you drunk? These ” so-called” insults are nothing but questions that require a simple response of either “yes” or ” no”. They are not enough reason for you to pick a fight and lose your joy, unless, you are everything being asked. Insults like, ” Didn’t you see the signs before you did this or did that?”, ” Are you that desperate that you failed to make proper consultations before committing to that business?”, are meant to enable you to have a rethink and be wise in your next line of action. They are not meant for you to pick an argument over and become hateful. Success comes from the way you act, the way you act comes from the way you think and feel. So, if you need to be successful, then change something within yourself.

Somebody is talking about you- don’t be vexed, unless you know what you are doing is wrong. Somebody did you wrong – don’t retaliate, let God fight your battle. Ignore them and keep moving forward. You cant straighten everybody out! I hope this helps you to become a better you.

Love & Blessings

Photo Credit: Pixabay

13 thoughts on “Let Somebody Else Be Right…(Pt 2)

  1. Oh yes…Some people just don’t care that they are wrong. Example: I have a friend who has fallen for the eyebrow evil witch ,which is so popular today.( The shaving off what God gave you and painting on something that makes you look like a clown.) I learned a lot about makeup in order to sale some years ago and tried to correct her. But no…she still looks like a clown and post her face every day on facebook. What ever!


    1. Smiles… I couldn’t help but smile when I read the part where you said ” painting on something that makes you look like a clown”.
      Its really sad when you give your love and best for people, especially the ones we know or at least think we know and they just can’t see it nor accept it. Well, it doesn’t mean we have to stop doing what’s right or giving people our love and care.
      I hope one day she gets to see it and understand that you mean well. Never stop doing what’s right.
      Thank you, ma’am, for sharing and God bless.❤

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