Be. An. Eagle.

Hello everyone!

I trust your weekend is going great. Woke up this morning to the sound of my little ones fighting over who gets the remote to stay in control of the television. In the process of them scanning through the channels, I came across some eagles on the screen. I motioned for them to leave it at that station and discovered that was Nat Geo Wild. They were showing a documentary on the life of an eagle. My little ones didn’t find it funny that I chose that station over their movie channel, but I paid them little or no attention considering the fact they just woke me up with their winnings and giggling.

I love birds especially eagles and parrots because they’ve got something special about them. An eagle doesn’t have time arguing with the crows over who gets the largest chunk of the meat or their kill. Their presence announces their authority and they take what they need and soar higher. They don’t roll with the crows either, they consider them as noisemakers and therefore can’t measure up to their level. They know if they argue with them, they sink to their level.

While the documentary was going on I couldn’t help but relate it to our world and us humans. The eagle understands who he is and what he represents and by no chance will you find him compromising his position for any reason. You don’t find him flying with the crows nor fighting over little things. That is how we humans ought to be. We need to understand who we are, our individual strengths and ability and horn them just like the eagle. Stand out even if it means standing alone because with time we will attract like minds.

If you find yourself in conflicts all the time, trying to prove your point all the time, then that’s a sign you’re coming down too low. You need to go back up where you belong. You’re an eagle. Quit wasting time with them crows and quit trying to go where they go and do what they do.

While the eagle tried taking the meat from the crows, the crows started fighting. The eagle didn’t have time for their nonsense and decided to fly away. The crows started cawing. I believe that was them laughing at the eagle and calling them weaklings. When you’re an eagle and decide to take the high road, some people will mistake that for weakness just the same way the crows mistook the eagle to be weak. The truth is, its a sign of strength. It takes a strong person to overlook an insult. It takes maturity to not get into an argument all the time.

There are people who will do everything to get you wired up, they feed off arguing. If you give in, if you take the bait, you’re allowing them to control you. They know if they push this button, you’ll start arguing and even fight if you’ve got the strength. Do yourself a favour and turn off that button. Quit taking the bait. The next time they get on your nerve, just smile and keep moving forward just like the eagle. You have the destiny to fulfil, you don’t have time to waste playing those games.

Avoiding a fight is a mark of honour. Only a fool insists on arguing over everything and anything. I’ve never heard where it says “winning every fight is a mark of honour”. If you must fight, fight over injustice, fight to eradicate poverty from the land, fight for peace, fight for development and sustainable growth, fight for love.

Be an eagle and quit fighting over everything and anything. You can never make the same mistake because the next time you make the same mistake, its a choice! Enjoy the rest of your weekend.

Blessings and Love

Photo Credit: Pixabay

13 thoughts on “Be. An. Eagle.

  1. Waao..I just loved your writing Dear. Can’t even think to this powerful metaphor for life before. When one has cleared mind can find motivation anywhere and everywhere. Good job.👍


  2. A nice entry again , unfortunately eagle as human being could be a sci-fi enquiry in order to a vision around 340 degrees… it could be perfect and no essence from human beings where perfection no to us.


      1. oh …falling in love with you and no like a pray from an eagle , a beauty reply . Enjoy the weekend Whitney, human beings could be dangerous specie in future time 🙂


  3. I love this Whitney. You have hit it spot on. We get eagles migrating through where we live and this is exactly how they behave….like they are above it all and they just focus on doing their job and doing it well.


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