Discovered. By .Grace

Grace Found Me

Out in the slumber
Wrecked with pains & disappointments
Clothe with rejections
Perfumed with scars

Was black to the coloured
Had no essence to the gifted
Was told I was for the dungeons
So, i kept running

Didn’t know why i ran
Yet my feet would not stay put
Peace eluded me
Sadness engulfed me

In the crushing
In the pressing
In the slums
Grace found me

It felt so simple
Yet so real and so true
Its cost was expensive
Yet it made me an offer for free
An offer no one dared to make

It promised to renew me
Change everything
All i needed to do was believe
And i did

It made me a vessel
I became worthy
Of everything it offered
I became His and He became mine

Inspired by Grace.


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