Heroes Of Our Past…

Hello everyone! How is Y’all doing? Trust your weekend was great and eventful? I’m hopeful this week would be pleasant and resourceful for us all. Earlier today, I came across a documentary on the heroes of our past. The history of the documentary dated way back, long before I was even born. What struck me the most was their ability to hold on to all the difficulties they faced. They made it without electricity, without automobiles, without advanced medical treatments, without Netflix( smiles). If they could make sacrifices to put us ahead, surely we can too.

Some of you had relatives who suffered great injustice because of their nationality, skin colour, religion, and ethnicity. They were mistreated, seen as second class, less valued, not respected. They endured with all their heart the hardships they faced without being violent nor vengeful. Life wasn’t fair to them, yet they pressed on. They worked so hard and didn’t give up, sacrificed so much for you to be where you are today. They worked when they didn’t feel like it, overcame things that should have stopped them. They also encountered heart breaks but made sure they didn’t leave any legacy that would break our heart. If they made mistakes, they did it and prayed we wouldn’t repeat them. They went through a lot of difficulties but didn’t allow their mind to faint. They kept on believing in our tomorrow and in their generations yet unborn. The had a dream!

If they could do all these with little or no assistance, then we can. We are at an advantage today. We’ve got stuff they never had and so, we should do more. None of you got to where you are on your own. Somebody prayed for you, fought for you, believed in you directly or indirectly. There are people that you’ve never met that have made your life easier. You are reaping from the seed someone has sown. They put you further down the road and now they are cheering you on, believing you will do the same for another. The way you honour them is by going further and leaving a legacy worth remembering and emulating.

Life isn’t always fair but it’s good and in that unfairness, there would be situations that won’t favour you, oppositions that are life-threatening. It becomes convenient to give up on what you believe in when they come short. You feel alone and belittled. You conclude no one cares, no one understands what’s going on, nobody is supporting me. You get weary in your mind and then it plays out in your attitude and behaviour choking you up and everyone else around you.

In Hebrews chapter 12, it talked about our heroes of faith and all the amazing things they accomplished. They endured hardships, were mistreated. They had plenty of opportunities to give up but they didn’t. Rather they remained faithful and fulfilled their destinies. Today, our heroes of faith are looking down on us and cheering us up. They are telling us by faith that we are not alone. All of heaven is cheering for us. We can be a lot more and do a lot of good for our world and humanity.

Not just our heroes of faith but your loved one who has gone before you. When you are tempted to faint in your mind, you need to look up with faith and see them cheering you on. I can see David by faith saying “That giant may look big and strong, I know how you feel, but can I tell you something? God can do the impossible. You may not have what it takes, I didn’t either! All I had was a few stones. People said I wasn’t qualified, I didn’t have any experience. My family tried to talk me out of it, my brothers made fun of me. Despite all the oppositions, God chose me and I became the great giant killer”. He has chosen you too!

Stay encouraged, you can defeat your giants. They may be big but God is bigger. Don’t faint in your mind. Nobody else may be encouraging you. You may be sitting on the sidelines of life, disqualified, broken. People may have written you off and all the voices you hear may be negative. Telling you, you’re not going to get better, you’re alone.

Well, today, I’m encouraging you. Get back in the game! It doesn’t matter who you are or what you’ve done, you can still become a better you. God still believes in you and so does your hereos in the past. Stop listening to the wrong voices. You can still become who God created you to be. Everyone on earth may not be for you but in heaven, everyone is for you.

God bless you all.

Love and Blessings

Photo Credit: Pixabay

10 thoughts on “Heroes Of Our Past…

  1. Great and encouraging message Whitney.We are not alone when we are in faith, or we are without fear,which is in enough to open our potential and create our life on the way we want!


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