Receive And Enjoy!

Hi everyone.

I have come to understand and believe that people desperately want to enjoy their lives, to live every day with peace, contentment and joy. They not just want to read about it or talk about it, but to walk in it and experience it as a daily reality. But, oftentimes, life keeps happening. Making it a farce and more of a joke.

I really want you to be free to receive and enjoy the abundance God has for you. Jesus says in John 16:24, “You haven’t done this before. Ask, using my name, and you will receive, and you will have abundant joy”. Notice the progression in the verse: Ask…in Jesus’ name, based on his merits, not your own works: receive; have joy. It’s simple.

Are you enjoying today as you look toward tomorrow? Do you take time to notice and appreciate the everyday experiences that make life rich and rewarding? Or do you race through each day so you can get to the next one? I encourage you to begin living like a ” receiver” by approaching God with faith in his goodness and in what he has done for you. You might begin to pray this way: ” God, I need mercy. I don’t deserve your help in this situation, but I’m asking you to be merciful to me and bless me anyway, and I receive it right now. I receive your help, I receive your blessings. I know you are good.

When you begin to approach God this way, it will provoke you to praise him like never before. I can not even count how many times a day I say ” Thank you, Lord, for everything. I learned that I don’t have to wait until I do everything right for God to be merciful to me or bless me. I also learned to receive from God rather than feeling I had to deserve everything I got. I see so many things for which I can be thankful that it has helped me to stop complaining so much. I had to learn how to receive.

You will notice major changes in your life the moment you learn to receive from God. He desires to bless you more than you can ever imagine. Everything he has is yours and Jesus purchased your right to enjoy it when he died on the cross and was resurrected from the dead. He paid the debt you owed as a sinner and opened the way for you to have an unreserved approach to Gods throne of grace.

I believe so much in the power of grace and I want you to do the same. From now on, start asking your father and learn to say, Thank you, every day.

Blessings and Love

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11 thoughts on “Receive And Enjoy!

  1. Nice entry, I think human beings as me giving and could be receiving in future, I don’t know if my own way and human beings are a different creatures… the pepper in the life


      1. Pepper in our life? Depending on diferents meats red, green or salt , lots of ingredients as our behavior and we need a flavour dish… Lot ingredients to million of human being… your decisions… a big kiss 😘😘😘😘😘


  2. Nowadays the concepts of enjoying life are changed. Social networks and TV only invite us to unbridled fun where music invites drugs and sex. nobody wants to look at his heart, much less thank the one who gave him life. The reflection from your writing is to thank what we now have and to know how to take advantage of uan menera sna to obtain the peace of the spirit. Thank you for coming this way to us.


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