Just Thoughts!…#27

Good morning, lovely people.

Ever wondered how some people remain thick and strong after a horrible storm? I have and in the process, I learned that they grew tall by giving it their all, without the fear of falling and that my dear friend is powered by passion, born from inspiration.

You desire changes? Be inspired, for nothing sparks off change than inspiration. It is a chain of remarkable changes, that gives birth to another and the chain continues…Today, live! Don’t just exist. It’s a new day, new week, filled with endless possibilities. Don’t drag through this week. Don’t drag through life.

Live and celebrate each day. If you desire more, then, you must first have the courage to walk out of that door 😊. There’s no rocket science to it, the magic you desire comes from what’s inside of you. It’s a part of who you are. Guess what? You just can’t weave a spell that you don’t believe in.

..woke up with the thoughts! Have an inspiring week. Love you guys❤❤.

Blessings & Love

Photo Credit: Pixabay

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