The Good Father…#2

Hello everyone!

Today I heard the story of a young Nigerian lady who was raised in an unhealthy environment. Her father wasn’t in her life and neither her home nor mom was stable. Her mother struggled with depression and so did she. Her mother got married multiple times and while growing up, she saw things she shouldn’t have seen. Boyfriends in and out, fights, verbal abuse and suicide attempts. She was always alone and afraid. Tired of the struggles, she left her neighbourhood in Ajegunle ( Lagos) and set out on her own.

All the odds were against her, she could have become a statistic, dysfunctional woman but she didn’t. She had an encounter with the good father and made a decision that she wasn’t going to pass down the same dysfunction to her children. In the natural, she didn’t have a chance but the good father, the father of the fatherless, began to cause people to be good to her. Psalm 68 says “God would be a father to the fatherless”. He sees when you don’t have someone watching over you and protecting you. He sees when you’ve been put in unfair situations where you didn’t have a choice.

Today, she’s not only extremely blessed, she’s also raising her children in a loving, healthy, fulfilled environment. The good father helped her break the generational curse and started generational blessings. If you don’t get what you ought to get as a child it can be so painful to get it as an adult and this is where most of the life disconnections happen.

You may be dealing with things today that your father could have taken care of. If your father would have told you that he is proud of you, you probably wouldn’t have to work from 8 am to 8 pm. You wouldn’t need to live in denial either or constantly prove yourself to him just to earn his love. If your father would have paid attention to you, made you feel special, feel like a princess then maybe you wouldn’t have to go from man to man trying to get the approval that your father should have given you.

Most of the battles we fight today were meant to have been fought by our fathers. I shared this story to let you know that you may have a thousand reason to be bitter, negative and probably ask ” God, why did this happen? God has taken into account everything you didn’t get, every person that did you wrong. If you would be like the young lady and allow the good father in, he will keep you moving forward, open doors no one can shut, bring the right people your way and cause you to go where you could not go on your own.

Love you guys

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