Look. Within. You…#You’re Good Enough! (Quest Post)

There is still so much within you yet to be unveiled and unpacked. There is still so much yet to be developed and still to emerge. Be patient with yourself as you see your growth and development along your course, and do not be tempted to compare yourself with those around about you. Even though you know them, you do not know them the way you think you do. You do not know them the way I know them. Walk your path and keep your eyes and attention upon what I give you, and do not look to those around you to validate, nor invalidate, the path or process I have given you.

Do not look to others, but look to me, for what I have for you is different than what I have for others. What I have given you is unique and different, so it is not a true or accurate, let alone helpful, comparison when you observe the life of another from a distance. Instead of comparing yourself to others, embrace the vision, along with its process and timing, I have given you and have set before you. Even though there will be aspects you will not like and will not enjoy along the way, it is a good and effective process. Though you will be confused, afraid and irritated from time to time, what I have given you is not only good, but has been designed and customized specifically for you.
So do not adopt, nor pursue, nor covet the blueprint given to another, for it will not fit you. It will not fit your talents, your personality, your skills, your background, or your experience. It will not suit you the way my plans will suit you. It will not develop you according to what I have in store for you. It will not give you what you need to receive. It will not prepare you for what is yet to come.

While the process, blueprint, or journey of someone else may look appealing from a distance, understand what I have for you is so much better. What I have for you will surpass your expectations and will surpass your own imagination of what is possible. What I have given you, and will continue to give you, will not disappoint you in any way, but will yield the highest return, the highest reward, and will do so in the most excellent, most righteous, most enjoyable and glorious manner possible.
So embrace the goodness I have given you, though it does not always appear to be good from one moment to the next. Embrace the call upon your life, along with the process of development attached to it. In doing so you will certainly be rewarded, will certainly understand its significance, will certainly learn all you need to learn, in order to be all I have called and created you to be.

Love and Blessings ❤❤

Photo Credit: Pixabay

3 thoughts on “Look. Within. You…#You’re Good Enough! (Quest Post)

  1. Nice entry again Whitney … look and I remember a great quotation from my grandma… “before you accuse me take a look yourself”, unfortunately herds of human being looking to horizon and forgetting the waterline and destroying mud humans as sinking ships


    1. Your grandma is a wise woman and I totally agree with her words. Before we remove the specks in someone else eyes, we’ve got to remove ours first.
      Thanks David, for reading through and sharing your lovely insights❤

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