Confront The Controller…

I believe many of us would have changed a lot sooner, had someone simply confronted us whenever we became controlling right? Yeah, I believe so. If someone is controlling you, don’t just get upset at that person, take responsibility and stand up to him or hr. People certainly should not be controlling, but you are as guilty as they are if you allow yourself to be controlled. Even though they may get angry when you initially confront them, they will respect you in the end.

Control and manipulations drain the energy, joy, and vitality from us and suffocate our minds, wills, emotions, relational abilities, and other aspects of our lives. If we are going to choose to enjoy our lives, then we must also choose to confront the people who try to control us.

Once we have allowed people to control us for a period of time, confronting them can be very difficult. It can be hard on both the one who confronts and the one being confronted. The one confronting is not accustomed to taking a position of strength toward the controller and the controller may not like it! But the goal of confrontation is to expose the truth of the control in the relationship and then to break established relational habits and patterns.

New patterns of relating to one another with mutual respect must then be developed and that takes time and efforts. The controller’s fleshly nature may throw a few fits before he or she finally decides to understand and accept that the relationship must change.

Whether you are being controlled by a man who screams at you when he doesn’t get his way, an elderly parent who tries to make you feel guilty for not doing more for them, or a boss who requires you to prioritize your job over family, you must be the one to stop the control.

The controller will not do it but with Gods help, you can. When you do, you’ll find yourself with more peace, joy, and inner strength than you have ever known. Don’t allow fear of losing a relationship cause you to submit to being controlled and manipulated.

Any relationship worth having must be one of mutual love and respect. If anyone should be in control, its God, but even He respects our right to free choice. He leads, guides, directs and suggests, but He never forces, control or manipulates.

Have a good evening everyone!

Love and Blessings ❤❤

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7 thoughts on “Confront The Controller…

  1. Nice entry and when I read take the control of … I can be sweating and could be victim of social mobbing I knew few cases. We need clear ideas and our demenour rosy days at the future or could be I’m reading a fairy tale I think so or no 😈😈😈😈 in god we trust according to the motto greenback and on me we trust


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