We make decisions every day. We are confronted hourly or even more often with options. We must choose one or the other. We can not have both. We can choose to: be decisive versus indifferent, be enthusiastic versus lukewarm, be better versus bitter, have a “how we can ” versus an “if we can” attitude, say “get up” versus saying ” give up”, embrace risk versus security, overcome evil versus coping with evil, stand out versus blend in and then measure ourselves by how much we get done versus how much we attempt to.

We can choose to oppose darkness versus coexisting with darkness, develop versus destruct, obtain versus complaint, commit versus try, create peace versus strife, believe in choice versus chance, Opt for determination versus discouragement, grow versus die, demand more of ourselves versus excusing ourselves, do for others versus doing for ourselves, strife for progress versus drift, set priorities versus aimlessness, accept accountability versus irresponsibility, take action versus activity, welcome solutions versus problems, desire more of God versus more of everything, be in who’s who versus asking ” why me?”.

William James once said “The greatest discovery of my generation is that a human being can alter his life by altering his attitudes and I couldn’t agree any less. In life, If you believe in yourself, have dedication, pride, and that never quit attitude, you will be a winner. Enjoy the great times and make the bad times great. Your attitude determines everything.

However, you choose to look at life and all its giving, you’ve got a decision to make versus not making any.

Have a great day.

Images from Pixabay

4 thoughts on “Versus.

  1. Nice again Whitney and choice is a buzzword in the human beings , only prob choice is the keystone and it could be a mistake, in baddie or rosy days is due to choice, no mine and we’re playing a cheating game and nobody don’t beat the house. Pls no liars and welcome to the real world… you can be a human no virtual item.


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