Fear And Worry Are Like Interest Paid In Advance On Something You May Never Own!

Fear is a poor chisel for carving out tomorrow. Consequently, if you’re viewing your future from a position of fear or worry, your perspective is inaccurate. Instead, look forward in faith, knowing that the plans of the Lord for you are “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future” (Jeremiah 29:11). Worry is simply the triumph of fear over faith.

The word worry is derived from an Anglo-Saxon term meaning to strangle” or “to choke off”. There is no question that worry and fear do choke off the creative flow from God. Things are seldom as they seem. As we dwell on and worry about matters beyond our control, a negative effect begins to set in. Too much analysis always leads to paralysis.

Worry is a route that leads from somewhere to nowhere. Don’t let it direct your life. There is a story of a woman crying profusely while standing on a street corner. When a man came up to her and asked why she was weeping, she shook her head and replied, ” I was just thinking that maybe someday I would get married. We would later have a beautiful baby girl. Then one day this child and I would go for a walk along this street, get hit by a car, and die”.

It sounds like a fairly unreasonable situation sobbing, because of something that will probably never happen. Yet we act this way when we worry. We blow a situation out of proportion that likely won’t come to pass. An old Swedish proverb says: Worry gives a small thing a big shadow. That’s why the Bible challenges us to cast down every vain imagination, because vain imaginations want to grow and grow and grow, eventually affecting every area of our lives.

Have you ever noticed that they never stay small? Never respond out of fear, and never fear to respond. Action attacks fear; inaction reinforces it. Don’t worry, and don’t fear. Instead, take your fear and worry to the Lord, “casting all your care upon him; for he cares for you”

Cast your burden on the Lord and He shall sustain you; He shall never permit the righteous to be moved.” Psalm 55:22

Love and Blessings 😊❤

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9 thoughts on “Fear And Worry Are Like Interest Paid In Advance On Something You May Never Own!

  1. Nice again Whitney I’ve remembered a song by Mark Knopfler called “why worry” we ‘re rational creatures and irrational when we’re thinking about future from now on present is essential and we can’t see the sun in a cloudy sky and sun is up… we must be conscious and rambunctious thing are a joke for a day … be wise and no more paid or emotional taxes in the future.


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