Waiting On Wisdom?

Daniel seems perfect for you. I don’t understand why it’s taking you so long to decide. In fact, if you don’t marry him, I will!”

Amanda responded quietly to Naomi’s joking comment. “Remarriage is a huge decision. I have to consider everything, especially the girls. Their dad’s death was devastating for us all, and I must know that this is God’s plan”.

Amanda continued to ask God to show her his will and give her wisdom about the relationship. She searched her Bible, talked to her pastor and friends and went away alone for two days. As she journaled, walked on the beach and prayed, she experienced peace and direction. Finally, she was ready to respond to Daniel’s marriage proposal.

On a beautiful sunny day, Amanda’s son escorted her down the church aisle to the wonderful man who would be their stepdad and her husband. Naomi, meanwhile, sat beaming in the pew.

                                             * * * * *

Not every decision is as life-changing as marriage. But Gods wisdom is available for our big and small choices; from buying a house to choosing our next pair of shoes to responding to rebellion in a child. The book of Proverbs contains many verses declaring the worth of seeking wisdom, and James 1:5 indicates that we should ask God to receive wisdom.

Most of us have experienced the consequences of poor choices made in our own limited knowledge, whether in relationships, unwise purchases or the direction of our lives. We have known the blessings of following Gods voice as we discovered his ” good, pleasing, and perfect will” ( Romans 12:2). What a difference!

Where do you need Gods clear direction in your life at the moment? Don’t limit seeking Gods wisdom to the big things. “Think about him in all your ways, and he will guide you on the right path”.

Wisdom is better than precious stones, and nothing desirable can compare to it. ( Proverbs 8:11)

Grace and Peace

Photo Credit: Pixabay


5 thoughts on “Waiting On Wisdom?

  1. Wisdom could be a joker in the poker game and you can beat the house… wisdom is a magical wand from the witches era… and waiting you must be learning moods to get the wisdom


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