A Grateful Heart…

” Honey, would you help me unload the groceries?” Jessie asked. Worn out from attending to the kids and repairing Jessie’s broken boxes, David ambled to the garage and loaded his arms with bags. As they put the groceries away, David said, ” I attended to the kids while you were gone and fixed the broken boxes”.

“They needed you. The boxes were about to fall off the railing” she replied. David went on, ” I thought we could go to their school together and complain about Marks bully before Bible study and also pick out some new flowers for the boxes”.

” That would be nice”, Jessie said.

Later that evening, Jessie noticed a distance between them. “What’s wrong?” she asked. “Well”, David began, ” I worked hard today at the office and then at home. I’m a little offended that I didn’t get as much as a thank you”. Feeling the Holy Spirits conviction, Jessie went to give her husband a huge hug. ” Honey, I’m sorry. And I’m so grateful. You work so hard to give us a nice life. I didn’t mean to seem like I was taking you for granted”.

“Thanks, Hon,” David said as he pulled her close. “I know you appreciate me, but sometimes I need to hear you say it”.

Sometimes, we take those closest to us for granted. In the case of our husband, we may find it hard to express appreciation 😊, for what he does for us every day. Why not look at him in the eye and say, ” I appreciate the time and energy you put into our home. Because of your work, we have a neat and orderly home. Safe and secured. Thank you”. Say thank you, help prepare lemonade as he works on the house.

Or find a nice card and write down all the things he does that you appreciate. Tell him how much you appreciate who he is, loving, caring, respectful, honest, funny and kind. A man’s identity is often linked to what he does but show him that you appreciate him for just being himself.

Gratitude will take your marriage to another level. Practice it daily, and pray for wisdom and a grateful heart. Always be prompt to say ” Thank you”.

Grace and Peace

Photo Images from Pixabay


2 thoughts on “A Grateful Heart…

    1. You’ve spoken well. Gratitude ripples Peace. One chain connects the other and so it keeps going.
      Life is about trusting our feelings &; taking chances, losing &; finding happiness, but most importantly, it’s appreciating the little things we have and the memories that come with it and of course learning from the past.
      Thank you very much for reading through and commenting.❤


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