The Best Expression Of Love Is Time

Hello everyone!

Time is your most precious gift because you only have a set amount of it. You can make more money, but you can’t make more time. When you give someone your time, you are giving them a portion of your life that you’ll never get back. Your time is your life. That’s why the greatest gift you can give someone is your time.

The importance of things can be measured by how much time we are willing to invest in them. The more time you give to something, the more you reveal its importance and value to you. If you want to know a person’s priorities, just look at how they use their time.

It’s not enough just to say relationships are important, we prove it by investing time in them. Words alone are worthless and as we know “talk is cheap, anyone can afford it”. Our love should not just be words and talk, it must be true love which shows itself in action. Believe me, relationships take time and effort and over the years I’ve learned that the best way to spell love is T -I – M – E.

Honestly, the essence of love is not what we think or do or even provide for others, but rather how much of ourselves we give. Men, in particular, often don’t understand this. Many have said to me, ” I don’t understand my kids and wife. I provide everything they need. What more could they want?”. They want your presence! They want you! Your eyes, your ears, your time, your attention, your focus and of course your time. Nothing can take the place of that.

The most desired gift of love is not roses, chocolates or even diamonds. It is focused attention. Love concentrates so intently on another that you forget yourself at the moment. God demonstrated that when he gave us his beloved son Jesus Christ. Attention says, “I value you enough to give you my most precious asset, my time”.

Whenever you give your time, you are making a sacrifice, and sacrifice is the essence of love. Jesus modelled this: “ Be full of love for others, following the example of Christ who loved you and gave himself to God as a sacrifice to take away your sins”. You can give without loving but you can not love without giving.

“God so loved the world that he gave…..” Love means giving up, yielding my preference, making a decision, yielding my comfort, goals, security, money, energy, or time for the benefit of someone else. The greatest feeling in the world is to be loved by everyone around you unconditionally. Love as much as you can and have faith in your loved one for faith and Love are strange but powerful things, they can work wonders.

Love you all.

Grace and Blessings

Photo Credit: Pixabay

10 thoughts on “The Best Expression Of Love Is Time

    1. Yes, you’re right, David. When you are in love, everything changes and becomes beautiful. You fly high and walk bravely.
      The power of love is so strong that it can tear down walls and flatten all mountains.
      Thanks a lot, for commenting.

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