The Best Time To Love Is Now!

Why is now the best time to express love? Because you don’t know how long you will have the opportunity. Circumstances change. People die. Children grow up. You have no guarantee of tomorrow. If you want to express love, you had better do it now!

Sometimes procrastination is a legitimate response to a trivial task. But because love is what matters most, it takes top priority. Life is all about love. The Bible stresses this repeatedly, it says, ” Whenever we have the opportunity, we should do good to everyone”. ” Use every chance you have for doing good”. ” Whenever you possibly can, do good to those who need it. Never tell your neighbour to wait until tomorrow if you can help them now”.

Knowing that one day you’ll stand before God, here are some questions you need to consider: How will you explain those times when projects or things were more important to you than people? Who do you need to start spending more time with? Who do you need to cut off your schedule to make that possible? What sacrifices do you need to make?

As you ponder on these, remember that the best use of life is love, the best expression of love is time and the best time to love is now.

Blessings & Love

Lovely week ahead to you all.

Photo images from Pixabay

2 thoughts on “The Best Time To Love Is Now!

  1. Love is a wondrous word as disease when you’re an astronaut and feeling the gravity in your body and heart more than butterflies and hook up. Welcome a a interstellar trip called love and pls don’t put a flag in your moments!😘😘😘😘


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