Only Hungry Minds Grow..

Hello everyone! Have you ever noticed that there are people you know who are literally at the same place today as they were five years ago? They still have the same dreams, the same problems, make the same mistakes, follow the same path that hasn’t led to anywhere, trust the wrong ones, have the same alibis, the same opportunities, and the same way of thinking. They just aren’t moving forward in life or in anything else.

It’s almost as if they unplug their clocks at a certain point in time and stay at that fixed moment. Goethe said, “Everybody wants to be: nobody wants to grow”. The biggest room in our house is always the room for self improvement. If there’s anything I hate, its to stay idle and not have anything to read or to write during any idle moment that may arise.

I try to learn from anyone and anything. I draw inspiration from any situation. I’ve learned to see the message behind every mess rather than complain, nag, or become overwhelmed. From one I may learn what not to do, while from another I learn what to do. We’ve got to learn from the mistakes of others. You can never live long enough to make all the mistakes yourself.

You can learn from a wise man when he is wrong than from a fool when he is right. A famous saying reads: ” It’s what you learn after you know it all that counts” and I agree. An important way to keep growing is to never stop asking questions. The person who is afraid or ashamed of asking questions is ashamed of learning.

Life’s most important answers can be found in asking the right questions. We’ve got to learn as if we will live forever and live as if we will die tomorrow. Timothy in the scripture instructs that you study to show thyself approved unto God (2 Timothy 2:15). You start dying the day you stop learning. Learning improves your life and gives approval to your life.

Learn from others, learn to see in the challenges of others the ills you should avoid. Experience is a present possession that keeps us from repeating the past in the future. If you think your education is costly, difficult or stressful, then listen to the words of Derek Bok: If you think education is expensive then try ignorance!

A failure is not always a mistake, it may simply be the best one can do at that circumstances. The real mistake is to stop learning. Limits are nothing but a state of mind, you can always push yourself to keep learning, no matter what the cost might be. Keep going at it and you will succeed. Remember, God’s will for us is to grow, to continue learning and improve😊.

Have a lovely weekend.

Grace and Peace

Photo Credit: Pixabay

9 thoughts on “Only Hungry Minds Grow..

  1. for those that are in the same place may have found the peace they need. as for the other things, being stuck is the result of fear, i feel. maybe they just dont know what they dont know. but we should not place our views of life on to them, for they may not feel our life is not so good to them.

    i do like the theme of this post.


    1. Thanks, buddy. I do respect you a lot. You’ve just shown me a different side to viewing this. I didn’t picture it that way.

      I’m truly humbled by your response. It’s very insightful and thoughtful of you to share. “Anjali Mudra”😊


      1. It is me who is humbled by your response. Maybe we are to show just another side of life? You hope they may pick your religious side, but I also see a non secular side to you that maybe less of a threat to others as you present your life views. Which, on the most part I agree, until you throw God into the picture. But then that is just me. 🙂
        I guess I prefer to keep life on the lighter side, for the most part. Lol
        Dont stop what you are doing…the world needs your voice.


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