Short Fuse…

Grace Ojo sat with her hands listening to her two daughters fighting again. Since the separation, the fights between the girls had escalated. ” Lord”, she quietly whispered, ” How am I going to do this?”, ” Please help me to keep my temper in check so I won’t set a bad example for the girls. I feel absolutely exhausted emotionally from all that’s happened this past year”.

Seyi, her oldest screeched at her sister, ” You’re always borrowing my clothes without asking me first!”

The girls heard their mother’s footsteps and looked at each other, fearing another angry outburst. Grace Ojo’s temper had become quicker since the separation, and they didn’t want to upset their mom any further.

” Mom, don’t get mad at me, Ireti pleaded. “I just wanted to wear Seyi’s outfit to the birthday party tonight.

Both girls looked at their mom, not knowing what to expect. Grace sighed and put her hands on their shoulders. “Girls, I think we’ve all been pretty short tempered lately, including me”, she admitted, ” and I’m sorry for that. But I know we love each other. So I’d like us to start working on speaking words in love and not in angry words out of frustration.”

The girls nodded. They knew they all needed each other now more than ever. It was time to pull their family back together.

You see, sometimes, we experience negative situations that tend to redirect our focus and leave us feeling angry and ill-tempered, but God expects us to respond in a way that is glorifying to him and would bring peace to us. A quick temper can be frustrating, exhausting, and devastating to those who are close to us and see us at our lowest points.

We must remember that anger lies in the blossom of fools. We must always remember that we are in control of the words and actions we use. Mathew 12:36-37 has wise words that would bring us salvation if we adhere to them.

Please, when next you find yourself settling into negative habits ask the Lord to help you, reach out for counselling, therapy or take a long walk. You will find out that you will be able to respond in a way that will be productive and bring you peace.

Blessings & Love

Photo Credit: Pixabay

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