Sweet Confession





Hello, my beautiful friends. Trust your day is going well? Yesterday, my 13- year old Godson, Kingsley was in one of those moods. He failed to read when he was supposed to and when we went to the market, I expected him to cooperate happily. Instead, he walked two steps behind me through the stores and refused to say anything or pick anything.

When we got the tailor’s store for his measurement to enable the make him a new suit, I got the bottom of Kingsley’s sullen behaviour. We had paused to wait for the tailor to finish up a customer and when I lifted up my face from responding to my emails, I noticed my Godson Kingsley staring at me through tears.

” What’s wrong, Kingsley?”

He reached into his pocket for 200 naira note. ” I took this from your purse this morning”, he said, handing me the money. He said he needed to get a storybook for school the next day but didn’t know how to tell me.



I spoke to him about his disappointing decision to take something that didn’t belong to him and my need to trust him. Then I told him I loved him. Later it occurred to me that my relationship with other people and with God works on a similar basis. How often do we get to open up to something we did we wrong, or something we took when no one was watching that didn’t belong us?

How often do we get to confess our sins before God without trying to justify our actions? Restitution has never been anyone’s speciality but its required of every one of us and not just from our children. Unconfessed sin hinders our fellowship with God and friends.

I know many may say, ” some things are best left unsaid”, but is it better to walk around with a heavy heart and a guilty conscience for the rest of one’s life so peace can reign and trust won’t be betrayed?

When we open up about things we did wrong or confess our sins to God and those we may have offended that we are aware of,( because the truth is, there are times we offend people without knowing it) God compassionately forgives us and restores our companionship. And as Kingsley, our joy returns. So also we get forgiven by those we offend.

Jesus Christ died that our sins might be forgiven. If you have accepted Gods free gift, you can be secure in your relationship with him. He will forevermore be your father. But when you sin, then feel the conviction of the Holy Spirit and refuse to acknowledge that sin before God, your fellowship with him is blocked.

Like Adam and Eve who hid from God after eating the forbidden fruit, like my Godson who lost his joy and hid his face from me, your companionship with God is broken. You may even experience physical and emotional pains like David wrote in Psalms 32.

To keep your fellowship and relationship with God, friends, and colleagues intact, be real, be honest and open up when you know you have done something wrong. Be quick to confess those sins by name and change your behaviour to line up with Gods standard. We are always His to have. He has always loved us more.


7 thoughts on “Sweet Confession

  1. Nice entry again Whitney and a dilemma in the mankind, a confession could be sweet I think no it could be bittersweet as a victory and in a confession the best is come to yet… happy Samhain or Halloween and treat or trick no possible confession 🎃


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