If Envy Had A Shape…



It would be a boomerang. Hello everyone 😊.

Envy is the most ridiculous of ideas because there is no single advantage to be gained from it. An old saying goes, “When you compare what you want with what you have, you will be unhappy. Instead, compare what you deserve with what you have and you will discover happiness”.

It’s not trying to keep up with the Johnsons that causes so much trouble, it’s trying to pass them. Nothing gets you behind faster than trying to keep up with people who are already there. If envy were a disease, most people would be sick. Frances Bacon observed, ” Envy has no holidays. It has no rest.

” You might want to think about that when next you get envious of something or someone. Christ admonished, “Scrap judging others, and you will not be judged”. Envy is one of the most subtle forms of judging others.

Every time you compare your self to another and measure yourself by them, you are foolish. Richard Evan once said, ” May we never let the things we can’t have or don’t have, spoil our enjoyment of the thing we have and can have”.

What makes us discontented with our personal condition is the absurd belief that others are so much happier than we are. Never be so fast to celebrate the glory of another man until you listen to his story. Never compare yourself to someone else or measure your life by their standards. Comparison, more than really makes men wretched or happy– Thomas Fuller.

Envy consumes nothing but it’s own heart. It’s a kind of admiration for those whom you least want to praise. You’ll find it’s hard to be happier than others if you believe others to be happier than they are.


No matter how tall your role model is you have to do your own growing. Thinking about others all day long results in a distorted view of you and them. Whatever you’re doing looks smaller; whatever they’re doing looks bigger. They look perfect; you can’t see anything but your own problems. When you’re green with envy, you’re ripe for trouble.

There are many roads that to an unsuccessful life, but envy is among the shortest of them all.

Blessings & Love

Photo Credit: Pixabay. Google Pics



5 thoughts on “If Envy Had A Shape…

  1. Envy a dangerous word when we’re talking about humans and I don’t talk for the sake of talking it’s could be as sugar on blood or diabetes where you can be a strong man and when you’re opening a box of envy… you can be an monster…paradox of human beings… take a breath an enjoy petty thing around us.


  2. In Buddhist teachings, desire causes suffering. To even trying to keep up with the Jones’ will not work for they are trying to keep up with someone else who they envy.


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