Maintaining A Healthy Mental Attitude

There is one thing that is most important than your personality in connection to how you choose to respond to pressure, and that’s your mental attitude. With Gods help, therapy, wise counselling, you can control and maintain a healthy mental attitude.

Whatever your personality is, you will face pressure. It doesn’t require your permission, you can not change it, and most times you’re not responsible for it. You are only responsible for how you choose to respond to it and those responsible for it.

I have discovered that in life there are two types of people; grippers and thankers. I’ve heard some people say to me; Whitney, I praise God but I can’t refrain myself for groaning sometimes.

No one ever said the pressure was going to be easy, no one ever said living right as ever going to be easy, it’s all a process. While we work on making it through the process, we’ve got to take control of the situation by maintaining a healthy mental attitude, and it begins by giving thanks.

Gripers are never happy no matter what you do for them or to them. Thankers, on the other hand, are always happy. We all have the capacity to be any one of them but we’ve got to all the Spirit of God to control our mind, only then can we be a thanker.

Life has taught me that one cannot be lastingly happy or learn how to manage pressure unless he or she develops a healthy mental habit of giving thanks. Believe me, it’s easier said than done😊. Personally, I have to work on it constantly.

When people get to see my write-ups, listen to me teach and watch me practise a thankful mental attitude, they easily conclude it becomes automatic. Not true! I constantly look at my ability to develop a healthy mental attitude of giving thanks as if it were a large boulder that I constantly and consciously push uphill every day.

If I subconsciously forget to be thankful and groan, the stone rolls back down, and I must push it up again. Frustrating right? Most definitely! Thanksgiving is not an option, neither is having a healthy mental attitude. It’s a requirement. Without it, we will drift into griping, which will, in turn, destroy us.

Developing and maintaining a healthy mental attitude on a daily basis is possible and it begins by living thankfully. It is the key to controlling pressure and having an imitable personality. Admittedly, Thanksgiving is not an easy habit or way of life to develop especially if living in a chaotic world like ours, but it is absolutely essential.

So, make it a habit to consciously develop a healthy mental attitude, practise thanksgiving and you will be glad you did.

Good morning everyone. Have a happy day😊.

Photo Credit: Pixabay

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