Things Are Not Always As They Appear!

Don't be so quick to judge anyone

Things are not always as they appear, quit judging others before you get to hear them out. Sometimes we make quick assumptions about people circumstances and situations. We judge them, label them and put them in a box. Not recognising that there is a much bigger picture. Sometimes we meet someone in a particular state, stage, or phrase of their life and stereotype them to be a certain way. Take a chance and stop judging others.

A young blind man who was on his way to visit his fellow blind colleague down the street who reported sick missed his way and found himself standing in the middle of a proposed crime scene. Behind the proposed crime scene was a young boy who was trying to steal a phone from a lady’s back pocket.

About to commit the heinous crime, the young man looked around to see if anyone was watching and saw the blind man holding his stick and posing angrily and wondering how to go next. He thought the mean look from the blind man was for him.

Frightfully, he dropped the young lady’s phone back, went to the blind man and started pleading to him not to scream so as not to get lynched by an angry mob who can’t stand thieves and robbers.

As he pled, the blind man reached out to him with his stick and asked him to direct him to his correct address as he was blind and have missed his way. The young man was so angry as he just missed his chance of stealing a good phone that could have fetched him good money, all because he thought the individuals was actually watching him.

The blind man on the other hand who was angry that he missed his way, unknown to him has been able to stop a robbery attack and death of another human being.“-So, you see, things aren’t always as they appear.

Don’t be so quick to judge. Stop, think, and think again before you do anything or make any decision. You never know when you might find yourself walking in someone else’s shoes. Never be so quick to judge anyone, yourself, or any situation. If you feel youve got something to say about anyone, stop and think through what you want to say, if its necessary, or perhaps called for.

Remember, you may never get a second chance to do the first thing right.

Blessings and Love

Photo Credit: Google Pics

9 thoughts on “Things Are Not Always As They Appear!

  1. Nice entry again things are not always as appear and human beings are a crucible in order to acting’s, behaviors and we must be maths in reference to understand the binomial and could be we must be enrolled on school when we’re bairns to understand maths and things aren’t as appear.


      1. Well Whitney you’re beauty to me is similar to a nice math symbols, beauty and perfect as Whitney…🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹😘😘😘. Lots of teacher are great fiends and no friends when we’re learning about.


  2. a wonderful write and something we need reminded of. this did remind me of the story of the blind men and a elephant. each are at a different part of the elephant and never get to any other part and completely misinterpret what an elephant is. this even reminds me of a short story i wrote many years ago. i will have to dig it out and post it one day.


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