Restoring And Maintaining Healthy Relationships..

Life is all about learning to love therefore relationships are always worth restoring. We must learn to value relationships and make frantic efforts to maintain them instead of discarding them whenever there is a rift, argument, disagreements, a hurt, or a conflict.

Love isn’t just a feeling it’s a choice. If we want to maintain a healthy mental relationship, then we must decide to love genuinely and have brother affections. This goes beyond words of mouth, it should reflect in your inter/ intra-personal relationships.

We must learn to get along with each other, co-exist, and live in peace regardless of our different faith, belief system, tribe, ethnicity, and colour. Violence and hate have never solved anything and it ain’t going to start now. Let’s stop forgetting what’s important in life; our families, our relationships, those we love and those who love us.

Peacemakers are rare because peacemaking is hard work. Peacemaking is one of the most important skills you can develop, unfortunately, most of us were never taught how to resolve the conflict. Peacemaking is not avoiding conflict, it’s learning to walk through it with empathy. It’s also not appeasement.

Always giving in, acting like a doormat, and allowing others to always run over you is not what it means to maintain a healthy relationship nor restore a broken one either. Sometimes we need to create it, and sometimes we need to resolve it. Either of both requires extreme wisdom.

Do you desire to restore your broken relationship or perhaps maintain a healthy one? Below are a few recommendations.

. Talk to God first about the problem before gossiping to a friend. You will discover that either God changes your heart or he changes the other person without your help.

. Always be the first to take the initiative whether you are the offender or the offended. Go to them first. Do not let the sun to go down on your anger.

. Be emphatic at all times. Look out for another’s interest, not just for your own. Focus on their feelings, not the facts. Begin with sympathy, before solutions. We all act beastly when hurt, never forget that!

. Admit your own mistakes. We all have blind spots, so you need a third party to help you evaluate your own actions before meeting with the person with whom you have a conflict. A confession is a powerful tool for reconciliation and for sustaining a healthy relationship.

. Avoid blames. You can not fix the problem if you’re consumed with fixing the blame. You’ve got to choose between the two. How you say what you want to say is as important as what you say. Never get it twisted and never be harmful with your words.

. Do everything possible on your part to live in peace with everybody. Be angry but sin not. For the sake of the relationship do your best to compromise, adjust, and show preference to what the other person needs. It pays when you genuinely care about someone.

We can reestablish a relationship even when we are unable to resolve our differences. The same diamond looks different from different angles. God expects unity not uniformity and we can walk arm-in-arm without seeing eye-to-eye on every situation.

Is there someone out there whom you need to mend fences with, restore fellowship? Don’t delay anymore second. Pause right now and talk to God about the person. It takes a lot of efforts to restore a relationship, don’t waste another second.

Love you guys. God bless you all you.

Grace and Peace.

Photo Credit: Pixabay

12 thoughts on “Restoring And Maintaining Healthy Relationships..

  1. Nice entry again human beings are complex and could be a galaxy trip between a black hole and contrary to popular lore this hole has energy… be force with you as Star Wars troop, healthy is a medicine to our brain no more dark side and hearing a song by Van Morrison… on the bright side on the road.


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