Give Them A Break!

“It’s time we gave ourselves and the people around us a break!”

You’ve heard it before: Nobody’s perfect. The question is “how often do we remember this as we go about our daily lives and activities? As we relate to each other every day? Not quite right?

We expect people to be perfect, we expect them to act right before us at all times. We push them beyond their limits and expect them not to grow thin. When they do, we get irritated and agitated. We find fault in everything they do.

All of us makes mistakes. We all have personality quirks, and we need help in certain areas. None of us has ” arrived”; we are all works in progress. We are all on our way. We all deserve grace and a second chance.

To enjoy life to the fullest, we need to take a gracious, merciful approach to ourselves and to others. We’ve got to receive God’s mercy and then let it flow through us to other people.

It’s time we gave ourselves and the people around us a break! Have you ever noticed how terribly some people treat others these days? Ever wondered why there are so much hate and hypocrisy? It’s simple! People have lost compassion and true love.

They celebrate mediocrity hatred. Hate speech has replaced forgiveness, the short fuse has replaced patience. Criticism has replaced understanding.

I believe a lot of this criticism and lack of grace and mercy comes from the fact that we want ourselves and others to be perfect at all times, and that is not realistic. We often have unrealistic expectations that set us up for disappointment.

Where personal interactions are concerned, the prevailing message of our day seems to go like this; “If you suit me perfectly; if you never make mistakes; if you always treat me just right; if you do everything just the way I want you to; then I will hold you close, then I would applaud you and make you mine forever. A joke right? Indeed!

The problem with this attitude is it’s completely unbiblical and irrational. God is extremely merciful to us, why can’t we do the same as his children? He has fresh mercies for us every morning of our lives and he needs us to be merciful and give others a break.

We all need mercy every day, probably more than we even realise. It’s a new week, with new goals, new target, new visions, as we strive to achieve these, let’s not forget to give ourselves and others a break.

Let’s not forget to show mercy and overlook the faults of others. If you must call anyone out, do it with love and compassion bearing in mind that the person is not above mistakes just like you.

Be more of a blessing today than a reporter and an accuser. 😊 Love you guys. Have a blessed week ahead.

Grace and Blessings

Photo Credit: Pixabay

2 thoughts on “Give Them A Break!

  1. Nice again a break, nice word depending on different human beings, break could be terrible word, disconnected from usual life where our lives could be a hubris mountain from toxic relationship and you’re so tired as dustman… you can give your hand and then the loot is your whole body… a breakdown could be a nice therapy besides the other saying … you aren’t a silly… prophet is a useless word when we’re talking about humans


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