Wisdom For Success In Life..

Wisdom is one of the keys to promotion and increase in any area of life. I believe many people fail to receive the promotions they might otherwise be granted in their professions simply because they do not act wisely in their jobs.

Have you ever noticed that sometimes the people who seem smartest or most intellectual are not promoted? I know there is the issue of tribalism, culture, background to attribute to being the cause but is that really the only reason?

I think not! Brainpower alone is not enough; wisdom and common sense are very important. Of course, common sense is no longer common.

I have had and still have the privilege of working with extremely bright people with very good minds over the years. Some of them, however, did not use wisdom to work. Work ethics, standards are important but wisdom supersedes them all.

Some of them were unkind to co-workers, some talked too much while others were trying to work, some were so full of themselves, some were constantly unable to get back to their desks on time after lunch or spent too much time on personal phone calls during working hours.

Their skills were excellent without a doubt, but they did not demonstrate wisdom in other ways, so they didn’t get promoted. Wisdom directs and guides its user to greatness.

Skills are important, but if a person can type at lightning speed and not manage to be friendly and respectful in the office, he or she will not be promoted.

A wise person who also has good skills, on the other hand, can expect to advance anywhere he or she goes because wisdom is what promotes us and exalts us.

You can have the best educational credentials and qualifications but if you ain’t got wisdom, you ain’t going anywhere far. We don’t only need people who are educated and trained, who operate in significant natural knowledge, we need people with wisdom, spiritual understanding and discernment in our ever-changing, chaotic and dynamic world.

Grace and Peace

Photo Credit: Pixabay, Google Pics

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