Patience! A Reed In The Wind?

How much of it do we really need today? The word patience seems to be in short supply as each day unravels. Everyone seems to be on a race track with no desire to stop and check if they’re running outside their lane, knocked somebody off or to even check themselves. All that matters is winning the race.

Very few stop to listen. The process of stopping is patience playing out. When you apply patience to life struggles you’ll discover that what you thought mattered isn’t so important.

Life is about accepting the moment. It’s not always about winning, about the popular crowd, the past, or even the future. When you fail to be patient, life teaches you hard lessons.

We’ve got to stop wanting everything right here and right now, that’s not always how it works. Somethings in life are definitely worth waiting for. It takes time to build anything that’s significance in life.

Patience makes us better. You may look foolish in the beginning but wise at last. Patience is a virtue. It breaks my heart to see teenagers, youths, and even adults constantly in a hurry.

They rush, struggle and fight for virtually everything and anything. When asked they tell you in their local slangs “omo, time no dey”, ” if you no make am now, when you want make am?”, “tomorrow no sure ohh“, and so on.

Many have gotten themselves into situations that is worse than their past conditions. Some have even lost their lives in the process and many others marred for life.

Yesterday I wrote about wisdom for success in life the truth is success and patience go hand in hand. To succeed in life, we need patience. To find satisfaction in life, career, relationship, you need to be patient.

There are people in life who no matter what you do would never accept you nor believe in you without testing you, your ability and what you represent. To get through people like this, you need to take them patiently and gain their trust. Trust is earned not given and you don’t earn anything worth so much in a hurry.

When you hurry in you hurry out. When you are patient you listen more and speak less and in a chaotic world like ours we need more of listeners than noise-makers. I think we’ve spoken enough already, I mean the evidence is everywhere and glaring. Isn’t it?

When patient you make good decisions, develop more empathy, clear mind and thoughts, and life becomes less stressful. Patience is not a reed in the wind but a knack for success, growth and development.

My word for today is be patient! Keep your goals consistent no matter how difficult or how long it takes to achieve them. Life is beautiful but the decision for it to remain beautiful is entirely up to you.

Are you an impatience person? Do you constantly complain about everything and anything that’s not done instantly? Or are you the one who is patient and applies wisdom yo anything and everything?😊

Blessings and Love

Photo Credit: Pixabay, Google Pics

7 thoughts on “Patience! A Reed In The Wind?

  1. Patient a commodity word to human beings… unfortunately you heard the word from stupids in bad times as mana and theraphy a phase of trick or treat in the mankind and no a halloween or samhain game… Do it your bid reader!


  2. “When patient you make good decisions, develop more empathy, clear mind and thoughts, and life becomes less stressful. Patience is not a reed in the wind but a knack for success, growth and development.” I love it. ❤


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