The Woman; A Reflection Of Her Man?

Hi everyone!

Okay, so yesterday I saw a clip on one of the social media of how a woman is the reflection of her man. After giving it serious thoughts, I decided to discuss it with friends and colleagues and many were of the opinion that the man is a reflection of his wife and some were of the other party.

After much ado, I came to the conclusion that whichever team you belonged to, you’re right. In my opinion, no matter how independent, sophisticated, renowned and educated a woman is, she would always feel safe in the arms of the man who loves her.

I won’t be writing much on this, I would leave the floor open for everyone to air their view.

Please feel free to leave a comment in the comment box. Let us know if you believe that a woman is a reflection of her husband or a husband a reflection of his wife.

Happy Holidays everyone and compliments of the season.

Blessings and Love


26 thoughts on “The Woman; A Reflection Of Her Man?

  1. Nice again and I ain’t años expert in order to human relationship – dichotomy is perfect meaning to me , very different and a plus… 😘😘😘well perfection could be Whitney from Nigeria…🌹🌹🌹🌹


  2. I think in a perfect relationship they reflect each other. In reality I think what happens is that one person is usually dominant in a relationship and the non dominant partner reflects the dominant partner. Look around and see if that isn’t usually the case. Interesting question; I’m glad you posed it.


  3. I don’t think either is a reflection of the other. I think that together, they make a whole new world. Each is significantly changed by the presence of the other. When apart, they are inevitably drawn back together by a force stronger than imaginable, like gravity between two heavenly bodies. When together, life has a new and beautiful meaning. Reflection? No. Transformation? Yes.

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  4. Welp, I think for a couple in a long-term committed relationship, each one is somewhat a reflection of the other, assuming they chose each other freely. They each reflect something about the other’s taste and standards and values for the fact of having been chosen as partner.


  5. each are a reflection of each other. they should compliment each other. i dont feel the relationship is 50/50. it is on a sliding scale to be really effective. but, it is whatever works for them and we should not judge or impose our thoughts/feelings.


    1. Well said, Karen. That’s why we are always advised to choose the people we want in our close circle very carefully.
      One way or the other they reflect who we are.
      I’m so glad you dropped by Karen and shared with us.💕


  6. Hi Whitney,

    Looks like maybe you read my blog. To answer your question. The woman in the Love Song is a reflection of her man. Solomon wrote the Song to illustrate of love strong enough to unite, is unquenchable, is a flame above all others, and priceless. So the intent of the love song is to illustrate a superlative love and not to describe your average love that exists in most marriages.

    I agree with ighiggins that in a perfect marriage they reflect each other due to the co mingling of lives, but in Solomon’s Song of Songs she becomes more like him the same as we become more like Christ and are a reflection of him or a little Christ. The Song is descriptive and not prescriptive. Meaning it describes what happened in a relationship between an unmeasurably wise and loving king and a Gentile slave girl, this is not your ordinary marriage.

    The king is gifted with unmeasurable wisdom and is a husband above 10,000 other’s. He loves her and wisely draws her closer by his sweet love and is a king of peace. She see’s the beauty of his love, wisdom and heart of peace and in the process of getting to know him she becomes more loving, wise and a woman of peace like him. Her name Shulammite means “peace: in Hebrew and his name Solomon means “peace” and they both had the same love dwelling in them, therefore she grew to being more like him. The reflection is in the essence of their inner character. She became more and more like him.

    Its a matter of who is the influence in the relationship,
    in the Love Song the man is the good influence, where as in other relationships the woman may be more of an influence on the man.

    I suppose I should have been more clear in stating the truth that “The woman in the song becomes a reflection of her man.” The truth is that not every woman becomes a reflection of their man but that the woman in the Song that loved the most wise and loving man on the planet became more like her man.


    1. Hi, thank you for sharing this detailed piece. I love the songs of Solomon. You’re right when you said not all women are a reflection of her husband.
      In relationships, both couples should be able to influence one another, sadly, that’s not always the case.
      I will digest this piece of yours. I love it and glad you shared it.

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  7. One of the most beautiful truthful things I have read was something along the lines , if your spouse / significant other treats you good , flatters you physically and mentally , you will feel beautiful physically and mentally. If your spouse treats you poorly/like trash, usually you will feel poorly .

    In that sense, yes I believe you mirror the love and respect you are given .


  8. A woman is A reflection of her man if shes carrying herself right and he Carrie’s himself right and claims her they can work and no matter how educated a woman is she can also allow her man to lead and she follows and also learns to be a lady and when to speak her strong opinion


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