Set Reasonable Standards…

All over the world today, societies are decaying, families are falling apart, and individuals are growing increasingly frustrated and miserable. I believe one of the primary reasons for this is that people have stopped setting reasonable standards.

I often hear people say; “I have high standards”, ” I can’t lower my standards for anything”. The question is not whether you have high standards, or low standards, its how reasonable and realistic your standards are. Can even the pope meet your standards?

People have stopped setting attainable standards for themselves to the point they stretch themselves too thin. They set unreasonable standards for their marriages, their children, their businesses, and their social institutions.

We see evidence of widespread moral decline in rising crime statistics, escalating divorce rates, shocking information about sexual behaviour in teenagers, and growing problems with drug and alcohol abuse. We also see it in events such as terrorist attacks, insurance, school shootings, suicides, and newborn infants left in garbage containers.

These problems are not what God wants, and they do not reflect the abundant life of Christ died to give the world. One of God’s great gifts to mankind is the power of choice. If we truly want to enjoy the blessings he has for us, we need to make lifestyle choices that align with his word and are consistent with the values of his word, not choices reflecting the constantly eroding values of the world.

Greg Anderson- “Let us be about setting high standards for life, love, creativity, and wisdom. If our expectations in these areas are low, we are not likely to experience wellness. Setting high standards makes every day and every decade worth looking forward to”.

Let’s set reasonable and achievable standards as we begin this new week. Put aside the sense of being ” above” other people so we can be happy. Living above the standards of the world has to do with the choices we make regarding the quality of our conversations, the way we dress, the content and images in the books and magazines we read and in the television shows and movies we watch.

It also has to do with the level of integrity with which we live our personal lives, interacts with other people, and conduct ourselves in our businesses and professions.

Let’s endeavour to set reasonable standards and resist the pull of the world.

Happy Holidays everyone. Compliment of the season.

Blessings and Love

Photo Credit: Google Pics, Pixabay


4 thoughts on “Set Reasonable Standards…

  1. Nice entry and it could be a question of quiz, reasonable standar, a dilemma, lots of human beings and very different, standar could be a taboo or we must be finding the philosophic stone.


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