It’s Not Always About What You Have Or Don’t Have….

Hello everyone. It feels so good to write this morning. I’m quite an early bird and decided to write down some of the thoughts running through my mind. I was awakened with these thoughts and even though it was 4:30 AM., I was so excited about the thought ” It’s not always about what you have or don’t have”, that I had to wake my man and began to tell him about it for several minutes.

(He said the idea was great but that he really needed his sleep). We women can be hyperactive especially when we have an idea in our head that we consider great.

What do I mean by its not always about what you have or don’t have? Over time I have learned that you can not let your contentment to be based on what you have or don’t have, on who loves you or don’t, on what works for you or don’t.

We’ve got to learn to be content in every season. Content when its time to go and when it’s time to stay. Content when God says yes and when he says no. Content when the dreams are coming to pass and when you are meant to wait. Content in the field and in the palace.

Life is very freeing when you can say I’m content with who God made me be. I’m content with my personality, content with my looks, and content with my gifts. It’s not until you achieve all lots that you can say “I’m content”. What happens when you do lose them all, would you still say I’m content?

This is the reason why many people are unhappy. They are always wishing for something different every day. There’s nothing wrong in needing and wanting the best in life, but finding contentment in all things makes the difference.

As we all gathered together to celebrate the New Year, I listened to my friends, family members, clients, and my students share their new year resolutions with me (I’m not really a fan of new year resolutions), I noticed that 99 per cent of them kept talking about achieving new heights, growing big, expanding their horizon, enlarging their coast etcetera.

One per cent said they will find contentment in all things this 2019. Believe or not, with my experience and exposure, I can tell you with all certainty that they are the ones that will truly find happiness and fulfilment.

It’s not until you have it all that you will be happy, and having less of everything will not guarantee happiness either. Its finding contentment in all things that will guarantee your maximum happiness and satisfaction.

There are a few single people who are never going to be content until they get married. But you need to enjoy being single because when you do get married…you’ll enjoy it more. Don’t be anxious to get married and when you do still live as if you were still single.

There are married people who wish they weren’t married, or who wish they were married to somebody else. My white friends would tell me how they enjoy sitting in tanning booths trying to get darker and over here in Nigeria many put cream on their skin trying to get lighter.

Most ladies with curly hair go the salon to get it straightened. People with straight hair go to the salon to get it permed, and of course, people with no hair go to the salon or hair market to buy some hair.

It’s an unending circle of discontentment. We can not continue to live like this. Be content with what and who God made you be. It’s a tragedy to go through life always dissatisfied, wishing you had more, wanting to look like somebody else, waiting to be happy.

Why wait to be happy, when you can choose to be happy every day?

“It takes a matured person to be content on the mountaintop and content in the valley”. As the year begins and unfolds all its gifts, be brave enough, besting enough, be matured enough to find contentment in all things and where you are right now.

God bless you. Love you all.

Happy Prosperous New Year to us all.

Blessings and Love

Photo Credit: Pixabay, Google Pics


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