Challenges Surrounding The Identity Of Women 2…

Situational and contextual factors compounding these issues is that cultures around the world have their own ideas about a woman’s identity and role, and these ideas are varied and contradictory.

In many countries, a woman is accepted as a competitor in the work world and at the same time she is often expected to fulfil the traditional roles of wife and mother, with less care for how she feels, the struggles she faces, challenges she faces and their silent cries for help.

In most developing countries, cultural views of a woman’s role continue to devalue her worth and dignity. Sometimes, she is considered the equivalent of a domestic servant or slave as many illiterate men describe them.

A woman living under such a view is extremely vulnerable to emotional or physical abuse, poverty, disease, and even death.

The breadth and depth of the issues that women face worldwide are overwhelming. Yet current books and other literature about male-female relationships and women’s right are not addressing the underlying cause that is fueling the crises women are dealing with today.

My concern is that the longer this cause is overlooked, the longer the plight of women will continue. I relate with women daily, I watch the daily news, I read the headlines of the newspapers, and I see the numerous problems of women firsthand.

Women are facing a myriad of issues and dilemmas, whether they live in Africa, Europe, North America, etcetera. There will always be certain factors such as physical abuse, injustice, natural and man-made disasters and war, that exasperate problems women and men alike; however the root cause of the special problem women face, the real issues that are largely contributing to their distress in the world, is essentially being ignored.

The young girl in Nigeria that has married to an old man, the woman in North America who is juggling a career and family, the woman in Afghanistan who is being denied basic human rights, and the young girl in Kenya who has just contracted AIDS virus are each facing aspects of a common dilemma”.

Their problems are different manifestations of an underlying issue. What then is the root cause of the problem?

The answer will be given soon pls stay tuned.

When you do not understand how something is meant to function, you will likely misuse or abuse it”.

Blessings and Love

Photo Credit: Pixabay

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