The Challenges Surrounding The Identity Of Women 3…

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The basic problem can be summarised in this way: There are fundamental truths about the inherent makeup of women and men that have been lost to the cultures and traditions of the world as well as the hearts and minds of individual men and women.

They have been replaced with distorted views of women and of male-female relationships, and these distortions have been promoted through culture and traditions.

Because of these lost truths, women and men alike do not understand a woman’s nature, potentials, role, and unique contribution to the world. The result is that women are misunderstood, held back from fulfilling their potential, and abused.

The hurt, loss, trauma, and physical peril that this has placed on women is tragic. There has been a terrible waste of life and potential over hundreds and thousands of years. This waste has been catastrophic not only for women but also for men and human society as a whole.

Women and men alike must come to know the woman’s true nature and purpose if we are to address the plight that has affected women throughout history and still effects them in the twenty-first century.

Women, as well as men, must gain new perspectives of themselves since women have largely developed their self-concepts from cultural traditions shaped by men who did not understand females.

Our world and societies have failed to understand the inherent nature of women, and men, and how they were created to function together as human beings. Women have been misunderstood, misinterpreted, and manipulated for thousands of years to soothe the selfish desires of men and their society. As a result, she has been and is being abused in societies throughout the world.

I believe this is why so many past efforts on behalf of women have fallen short of success. This is why my beloved country can appear to be making progress in valuing women and still manage to reverse itself.

Now, merely insisting that women be treated right apparently will not change the false views of males and females that are ingrained in many men and women. People lack a basic understanding of the woman’s nature and the fact is, wherever this lack of understanding exists, there will always be the misuse and abuse of the women.

Recommended Solutions:

. We not only need to affirm the worth of women, but we also need to lay new groundwork for understanding who a woman is and what she represents. How she is viewed and treated.

We must look beyond the cultures of the world and rediscover intrinsic truths about the nature of women and men.

We must transcend tradition and recapture principles that can free women to be fulfilled and valued, regardless of their nationality or geographical location.

We need to understand the inherent nature of a woman and the implications of that nature that will enable us to address her particular issues, whether she is trying to balance a career and family issues or struggling to regain basic human rights, or risk being a victim of girl-bride.

If we can look at the issues of women’s rights from this perspective, it will give us the proper focus for solving the problems women face.

Blessings and Love

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