What Every Woman Hears Is An Emotional Experience For Her…

Every female and male have different styles in the way they hear what is said to them. What a woman hears is received by her as an emotional experience, while what a man hears is received by him merely as information. They have two entirely different ways of processing language that is spoken to them.

A man doesn’t have an emotional experience with what he hears. This is why it is very important for the man to understand the woman. The woman receives language in an emotional way because she is designed to absorb the world around her and to personalize it. She is designed to take in everything and incubate it.

For instance “if you give a woman a sperm she incubates it and produces a foetus”, ” If you tell a woman, you’re ugly and say the same thing to a man, you’ll get a different response from each. The man will probably look at you and say, “you’re ugly too”. However, the woman will never forget you live and might even consider hiring someone to assassinate you 😊”.

Before a man speaks to a woman, he needs to think about what he is about to say and how he is going to say it. Because a woman is going to receive anything she hears with an emotional attachment to it. It’s not madness, it’s what makes them unique. And so, it is very important for a man to be sensitive about her feelings.

He needs to consider his words rather than saying whatever comes to his mind. He may tell his wife, ” That dress is getting a little tight on you”. For weeks she will be quiet; she won’t speak to him. When her pent-up feelings will have reached a breaking point, and she needs to release them, she will call a friend at six o’clock in the morning, crying over what her husband said to her.

Her husband then decides to ask her why she is crying over the phone, her response will be, ” You said I’m fat”, and now asking me why I’m crying? The husband responds; “I didn’t say you were fat”. Of course, that wasn’t what he said or probably meant but the woman doesn’t understand it that way.

The fact is what a man tells a woman will be absorbed by her entire being. If he tells her, ” That rice was a little salty today”. As far as he’s concerned, he was given her information. It was salty. Yet she can hear all kinds of things in that statement; he just told her she can’t cook, his mother’s rice is better, he’s not appreciative, he probably has another woman who cooks better than her.

When she thinks about it later, she starts to wonder if he’s been with somebody else who can cook better than her in the kitchen and serves it better in the other room 😊. The idea grows within her: he had lunch with someone at the office, he wants to leave her, and that’s why he isn’t eating her food longer! It gets very personal. How wonderful women are right? Indeed.

Three weeks later, they’re in a restaurant and the man says, “Now this is good rice”. He is dumbfounded when she says in response, ” You didn’t think my rice was good three weeks ago, did you? I’m getting out of here. I’m not eating with you anymore.” Do they have a big fight over what? Differences in communication.

He thinks it’s information; she feels it’s personal. Women not only hear words with emotions, but they also do not forget.

So, men, you may want to think again before you talk to your woman or reprimand her for anything.

“The secret of a happy home is having a happy woman”.

Lovely week ahead to us all.

Blessings and Love

Photo Credit: Pixabay

8 thoughts on “What Every Woman Hears Is An Emotional Experience For Her…

        1. You’re right Ma’am.
          I strongly recommend that we understand ourselves as couples. I have met quite a number of divorced people who still love each other but never understood themselves. Understanding is very important. Love alone isn’t always enough but with understanding, they both compliment each other.

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