Every Woman Is Interested In The Particulars…

Women are generally interested in the details, in the particulars of things, while men are usually interested in what is abstract; the principles or the philosophy related to something. This can be debated on.

Similarly, when it comes to memory, women tend to remember the details, and men tend to the essence of the matter.

This is why, after attending a wedding, for example, a woman can talk on the phone with a friend for hours discussing all the details of the event, such as flowers, the music, the food served at the reception.

When a man is asked, “How was the wedding?” he may get a blank look on his face and then simply say, “They got married”. Men do not spend time discussing details.

I’m still carrying out more research on this, but please feel free to drop your own view in the comment box below. Men, please let us know if you think differently or if I’ve spoken your mind 😊.

Peace and Love

Photo Credit: Pixabay

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