No Woman Forgets!…

In my last post, I spoke on how women pay attention to details and the particulars and also hinted on how they never forget. Women don’t usually forget things, while men generally have to be reminded over and over. As a woman and mother, I’m sure you can relate to this.

Where purpose is not known, people start to become suspicious of others motives. The woman may bring up a previous wrong she experienced, and the man will think, “What’s the matter with her? I did that five years ago, and now she’s bringing it up again. I told her I was sorry.

I asked her for forgiveness. This happened five years ago. Why won’t she forget it? He is angry at her natural inclination not to forget things. Yet that is the way she is made; she is designed not to forget.

Now, a man may remember facts related to his business, but often he will not remember dates and timed and events. For instance, a woman may be dressing for an evening out and call to her husband, who is in another room, ” You remember that we’re going to your brothers birthday party tonight, don’t you?”

The man will have completely forgotten. He is wearing the oldest clothes he owns and holding a big bowl of popcorn ready to watch the next live match. She comes into the room and says, “What are you doing?” “I wanted to watch the game. Do we have to go out?” I reminded you three times about the party! Why can’t you remember anything?”

Most men don’t know the reason why women remember things, and most women can’t understand why men don’t recall things. It has to do with their purpose and design.

Men tend to think about goals and the bottom line, while women tend to remember details. These differences are complementary. However, they can be the source of serious problems in a relationship because when you don’t understand the purpose of something, you can become suspicious of it. You can begin to suspect the person you’re dealing with of having ulterior motives.

Blessings and Love

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15 thoughts on “No Woman Forgets!…

  1. Nice entry, t my way of thinking woman is a perfect complement to man and vice versa and different, fortunately I don’t believe in the bed of roses and I believe in a bed to build a perfect way … remembering we back on road again or down the road wherever… we must be connected 😘😘😘😘


  2. i feel you have brought up some generalizations between the sexes, and this may be because of your experiences or observations. but, having worked with mainly women most of my adult life, i can say there are holes in this write. i have known and worked with men and women who do not fit your generalization. i being one man who does not fit. i do understand what you are saying and can agree to a point but a persons personality and upbringing plays a big part in what you are writing about.
    there are many things i do not forget, but i place a value on those things and really do not hold onto many as they only bring you heartache and that is not always good.
    men dont remember dates etc? i had a wife that could not remember my birthday or our anniversary the whole time we were together.

    there are always exceptions to the rule, right?
    good write and thought provoking. thanks


    1. Thanks, buddy, you’re always a delight. Yes, I did write this based on experiences, observations, and personal discoveries. I do not forget things but over time I found a way of programming my brain to remember only things that are worth remembering. I’m constantly working on this.
      I know some men that don’t forget things but my discoveries have shown that women still top the chart.
      Hopefully, I should write about men and their ability to remember things. Thank you for sharing buddy.

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