The Woman Is Adaptable To The Man!

Hello everyone! Sometimes last year I wrote briefly on how a woman is a reflection of her man then gave room for everyone to air their view. To all who commented, thank you. You made my research success. Though it’s not concluded yet, today, I will be writing broadly on it.

God said, “I will make a helper suitable for him” (Genesis 2: 18). Another word for suitable is fit, which means “adapted to an end or design”. A woman is designed for the purpose of adapting to the man. This means that she has the built-in energy and the built-in circuits to adapt to his vision and purpose.

Let’s examine this illustration. ” A plant grows from the soil and has to stay rooted in the earth in order to live. What determines the health of the plant? The soil that its in. So, if you plant it in the soil that is full of nutrients, it will likely thrive. Yet, if you plant it in the soil that is high in salt content, it will become sickly and might even die.

So the plant adapts to what it receives from the environment to which it is connected. Therefore the quality of the soil from which the plant comes, you can usually determine the health and the nature of the plant”.

When God said, ” I will make a helper suitable for him”, he was going to make a creation from a man that will adapt to the nature of the source from which she comes. Whatever the man feeds her, she will become like that. If you take the plant and put it in red-dyed water, the plant will absorb the colour, and it will show up in the leaves or blossoms.

A similar thing happens in the life of a woman. A woman adapts herself to the source from which she came, the male, and absorbs nourishment from him. Therefore, if the man doesn’t like the woman’s colours, so to speak, he needs to change the water that he’s giving his plant. If the man doesn’t like the way the woman is manifesting herself, then he has to check to see what kind of nutrients, or what kind of poison he is feeding his wonderful plant

A woman’s adaptability also means that if a woman enters a situation or environment, she is more prone to become like it than the male is. This trait can be a tremendous blessing, but it can also be dangerous. This is why women have to be very careful not to open themselves up to any and every environment.

A female is more emotional than a male because she is moved by environmental stimuli. Therefore, a woman will become excited when, for the first time, she enters a church service in which the spirit of God is very strong. A man will walk in with her at the same time, sit in the back and check it out.

If she is asked if she would like to join the church, she will join in three weeks; he will join in three years 😊.

The man is completely different from the woman. He is wired to be logical, so he wants a logical explanation for everything. “Why do you raise your hands he will ask? ” You can worship with your hands down”. “Why do you always cry when you sing? Are all the songs sorrowful?”. On the other hand, a woman will generally say, ” This is great. I want it, whatever it is, I love the feeling, the songs move me”. She’s not being weird, she is reflecting her purpose.

Have you ever wondered why there are usually more women than men in the churches? It is because of the way they’re made. A woman will always submit and adapt more easily to spiritual things because of her purpose, because of the way she is designed. Most of the time, it takes men a long time to become logically convinced.

Now, it’s hard for a woman to adapt to someone who isn’t leading. She cannot follow someone who isn’t going anywhere. She cannot adapt to the man who doesn’t know what he’s doing. The woman can’t function properly if the man doesn’t function.

Therefore, if a man wants a woman to adapt to him, he has to give her something to adapt to. There are many men walking around who have nothing to do, and they’re asking women to help them with it. That’s overwhelming.

God told the man, “You’ll be a provider. You will provide the vision. ” A man was made to have a vision. A female was made to help him fulfil it. But if he doesn’t have a vision, how can she help a man do nothing?

Our world and society today is filled with frustrated females who are living with men who aren’t going anywhere. It’s ridiculous for a man to ask a woman to leave her parents home to follow him when he isn’t going anywhere.

To be continued…Please stay tuned.

Blessings and Love

Photo Credit: Pixabay

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