The Woman Is Adaptable To The Man…Pt 3

Every woman has a tremendous spirit of adaptability. Why do you think many women are now smokers? Years ago there was a cigarette advertisement that featured a tall, slender woman who had a long cigarette in her hand and was smiling. The only healthy look about her was her teeth. The caption across the top read, ” You’ve come a long way, baby”. That advertisement was saying, “You men had your cigarette for a long time. Now we’ve adapted, and we have ours”.

Women can adapt to anything. Men started smoking dope, shooting up, and taking crack; then, women said, ” Let’s adapt”. Now we have as many females as males, maybe even more, taking drugs. Why? They have incredibly adaptable circuits; they are vulnerable.

Oftentimes I hear my male colleagues say, “If my wife did to me what I do to her, I’d have been long gone a long time ago”. They are saying that there is something about women that makes them able to stay longer in an uncomfortable situation than men would. The reason is the spirit of adaptability.

” He beats me, but I’ve adapted to it”. “He takes all our money and gives it away, but that’s okay. I still love him; I’ve adjusted to it”. ” He comes in late and sleeps in twice a week, but Gods good; I will adapt to it. I’m getting used to it”. Yet in all these and while a woman is designed to adapt, she isn’t designed to adapt forever. Men, let’s not get it twisted!

Remember, that while women are built to adapt and allow things, they won’t allow abusive behaviour to go on forever. Even though they may be a submissive spirit, they are not stupid. Though they may be prone to put up with things because of their adaptable spirit, they’re not designed to put up with it forever.

Let’s bear in mind that love may suffer long but not forever. There will come a time when the adapter will run out of adaptation. The woman will reach a point at which she needs to adapt to some freedom and find something worth spending her life on.

To all the men out there, be careful how you treat your woman’s spirit of adaptability. Be sensitive and be more caring. Consider her adaptability as a valuable aspect of your unity with them.

Lovely week ahead to us all.

Love and blessings.

Photo Credit: Pixabay


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