Mercy In Place Of Judgement…

Hello everyone! On my way out this morning, I came across two young men arguing uncontrollably. One said to the other; I don’t forgive for any reason. I’ve been hurt too much and the scars are all over me. The other responded; You don’t forgive them for them, you forgive them for you.

The other man didn’t quite agree and said, “I choose judgement over mercy”. Now, that struck me. I don’t know what could have made that man say such heavy words very early in the morning.

I kept pondering over this statement until I got to my destination. “Judgement over mercy”. What happened to him? What changed our world and mindset? Where did we miss it? Has mercy become so over-priced? Is forgiveness not worth anything anymore? How often do we need to keep showing mercy towards those that offend us? Where is the love and peace we so much talk about and push for? What happened to our humanity?

So many questions. I picked up my pen to write and realised that I don’t have the answers to all these questions. I can’t solve every problem. I don’t have it all. But, I decided to spin the man’s words around and walk my way through it.

I decided to write about ” Mercy in place of judgement”. Abraham Lincoln once said, “I have always found that mercy bears richer fruits than strict justice”. His observations are based in Scripture. “James 2:13 says, ” For to him who has shown no mercy the judgement will be merciless, but mercy exalts victoriously over judgement.

When people around you are struggling or making mistakes, we need to help them, not judge them or criticize them. Isn’t this the way we want to be treated when we don’t do everything right?

In God’s eyes, mercy is much greater than judgement, and we should always choose to be merciful instead of being judgemental or critical. This does not mean we should never correct or confront people or that we should allow people to walk all over us, or abuse and mistreat us.

It simply means we refrain from pointing out and criticizing every wrong thing a person does. True mercy does not cower in the face of deliberate or blatant wrongdoing or sin; it confronts in love, with the goal of helping people live in the blessings of obedience to God’s word.

But when people are doing the best they can with pure motives, mercy does not call attention to faults or flaws. I believe many relationships are in serious trouble today because people simply do not exhibit grace and mercy toward one another.

People are tired of being nitpicked and criticised for their mistakes and imperfections and this has endangered countless relationships. If you are in this situation like the young man I met today, you know you are being too hard on someone.

Let me urge you to develop a merciful attitude towards peoples failures and mistakes. This simple attitude adjustment could save an important relationship and turn a miserable situation into a relationship you really enjoy.

Love and Peace

Photo Credit: Pixabay

5 thoughts on “Mercy In Place Of Judgement…

  1. That’s my thought too. I get sick with the nonsensical approach of popularity seeking pastors who lead people into praying for their so called “enemies to i.e.”. Great piece, Whitney.


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