Keep It Simple!

Keep it simple. In character, in manner, in style and in all things. One of the best ways to define the word simple is with the word easy. Sometimes when we say something is simple, we mean it is easy to do.

My sister is one of the most beautiful women I know. She’s got a heart of gold, very large and loves all. She is inspiring, drives me crazy and still motivates me. She knows all my darkest secrets, yet loves me for who I am. I call her ” My special type of angel on earth who brings out all my best qualities”.

That notwithstanding, she is the most complicated person I know. You can’t understand her. She’s a project that needs to be researched and critically examined for any kind of success to be achieved. (I hope she is reading this 😊😀.

She always tells us to keep it simple but her life is far from simple and I don’t think she is aware of it. Many times she would want to have people come over to our home on the weekends for relaxation, and to enjoy each other company. When these get-togethers were over, she ends up exhausted! Why? Because she doesn’t know how to live a simple life.

She often says her life is complicated, but the truth is, she complicated her life by herself. Her approach to life needs to change so she could enjoy it.

The ideas she comes up with are always simple. She would invite some friends over for the weekend to hang out but then tell the friends she invited to invite their own friends too and of course, some neighbours will also be invited because she did not want anyone’s feelings to be hurt.

Before they arrive, she decides the house has to be immaculate, so she cleans everything insight. She makes sure everything looks as though they had just been advertised on the pages of a magazine. Of course, she makes sure she is wearing just the right outfit and have her hair in place. Not a strand of hair allowed to let loose 😊.

When it came to preparing the food, she starts with an easy menu, but before you know it she is ordering for Chinese take-out, fries, potato chips, and dessert. She buys double of everything because she wants to impress her guests. She wants everyone to be happy.

By the time any guests arrived, she would be too tired to enjoy them and being an early bird, she retires for the night early without enjoying the get together she organised. She wakes up in the morning resenting herself for not being there for her guests.

Even when the guests arrive, she keeps working. If they walked into the kitchen, she practically follows them with a broom to make sure they did not track crumbs onto her floor. If they put down a glass, she would snatch it up and wash it. She works so hard and won’t let anyone help her.

I’ve never seen her have fun yet she is always happy and her smile…makes all the chaos go away. But, she is an expert when it comes to complicating simple things.

After much experiences and growing up with her I began to learn how to make things simple. To have a complicated life is easy; try pleasing everyone and try being perfect. Life is simple, but it becomes complicated when we try to please everyone, be perfect, and be someone else.

When we find ourselves struggling to be ourselves, always wanting things to be perfect, know that your life is complicated. Not only will your actions and activities be complicated, but your thought processes will also become complicated.

Keep it simple. Smile when you need to, be serious when you need to. If you love someone let them know how you feel, don’t stress it. If someone gives you negative vibes, talk with them and find out what’s wrong, if they don’t respond, please walk away.

You may feel you have lots of complex problems, but the fact of the matter is, just like my sister, you may be the one complicating things for yourself with your approach to life, people and everyday situations.

If you’re complicated on the inside, so naturally everything about your life externally would be complicated”.

This one is for you my beautiful sister. Love you to the moon and back 😊.

Blessings and Love

Photo Credit: Pixabay

6 thoughts on “Keep It Simple!

  1. Simple is a trick word in order to simple to meaning and so hard to obtain and it could be a nice award… loving simple Things in whole meaning… welcoming to my club whitney no halloween and no treat or trick


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