Do You Want To Discover Purpose?


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Then never ask the creation, ask the creator.

Hello everyone! Nobody knows a product and how it should work better than the one who made it. In the same way, the one who created the product is the best one to fix it when it becomes marred. When a potter works on a pot and sees that it has a flaw in it, the potter either remoulds the clay and starts over or if the pot already has been fired in an oven, the potter has to smash it and start all over again.

Now, when the clay starts talking back to the potter, something is wrong. The potter knows better than the pot and how it should be fashioned. The pot can’t say to the potter, ” You shouldn’t have made me this way”, because the pot can’t see the whole picture, the way the potter can.

When it comes to the relationship between male and females and society devaluations of women, we have too often murmured against the potter rather than trying to understand how and why we were created. Moreover, our substitutes for his master design are flawed.

Some of us need to have our attitudes, perspectives, and lives remoulded. A few of us have gone so far in the wrong decision that we may need a total overhaul. So, if you truly want to discover and understand the purpose of something, never ask the creation; ask the one who made it. The creation might not think it has any worth, but the creator knows what it is made of.


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Many people do not think they have any worth or purpose. But guess what? We all do! In the beginning and in the book of Genesis, ”God saw all that he had made and declared it good”. There’s always something good in God’s creations no matter how broken, fractured or damaged it may be or looks to us.

There is something good about every person no matter how hard it is to find. When we try to mend relationships or change society using our own methods, we never totally succeed, and we often utterly fail. We fail because we are trying to bring to bring about change for the wrong reasons and using the wrong methods.

That is why we need to go back to the manufactural and receive his instructions for our lives. The only way for us to succeed is to discover and live in the purposes of our maker, by undergoing a transformation in the way we think about ourselves as human beings.

Grace and Love

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7 thoughts on “Do You Want To Discover Purpose?

  1. i agree, we all have a purpose.
    but most of use never know what our purpose is or never pay attention.
    sure there are the famous and we, through history learn of their purpose.
    but what about us not so famous?
    maybe we have less famous purposes as we go through life. we see them as normal day to day events. but we really never know what we may have done on that day has a purpose.
    the simple act of opening a door for someone could be your purpose for that day. or the rescue of an animal from the shelter could be your purpose on that day.
    and maybe, me writing this comment is my purpose as we never know the outcome of just simple acts.
    i think we put too much on trying for the memorable purpose, to make a big impact, we miss the building block or foundation of purpose.


    1. This is the perfect summary for my work. I nodded my head with a big smile on my face. You just hit the nail on the head, buddy.

      We spend too much time trying for the memorable purpose to make big impacts that we miss the building blocks or foundation of purpose. Great words buddy. But, i still believe we get a clearer picture and understanding of our purpose in God.

      Thank you so much, buddy, for this insightful response. ❤

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  2. This is very true Whitney.i agree with me. If we all find the reason(s) for our creation,we will build the right things and have a society that’s right!
    Thank you for sharing.


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