Just Thoughts!

Hello everyone! Trust you’re all doing okay?

Can negative ideas about women be changed? Can the society stop marginalising us? Can the world negative perceptions of the woman be transformed? What is the cause of the universal devaluation of women in societies across the centuries and around the globe?

Why is it sometimes so difficult for men and women to understand one another and work together harmoniously in this world?

Culture and tradition, while apparently part of the problem, can it take the full blame, because the problem spans ages and cultures and seems to point to a deep-seated discord or adversarial relationship between men and women.

What, then, is the cause of this age-old dilemma? It is that we lost what it means to be human. We have lost what it means to be male and female. An understanding of the essential makeup of human beings has been discarded or forgotten and has been replaced with distorted views of humanity.

Culture and traditions have contributed to the problem by perpetuating these distortions. Women, as well as men, need to understand the inherent nature of the woman because most women have developed their identity from men, and they do not see themselves as God does.

Women have essentially become the products of the societies and traditions into which they were born and bred. As a woman, you might not like who you are, yet your self-concept probably came from the environment in which you were raised.

Peace and Love

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8 thoughts on “Just Thoughts!

  1. The dilemma is deep rooted in perceptions.. change the perspectives.. “she” doesn’t want any reservations, no more empowerments, no more special cares.. she is strong enough to handle all own her own..


    1. Indeed. A wise man once said, “Everything that irritates us about ourselves can lead us to an understanding of ourselves”.
      I hope peoples perceptions about women begins to change.

      Thank you so much for stopping by and commenting.

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  2. Whitney, I think you’re inspiring me again- this time to write about “Strong Bible Women” rather than “Emotional Bible Men”. It might take several days til I get the time, but that’ld be good 🙂 thanks for the inspiring article!


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