Can We Trust When We Don’t Understand?

Yes, we can!

Hello everyone! One of the greatest mysteries and facts about our walk with God is that we rarely understand everything He is doing in our lives. If we always understood, we would have no need to trust him. As children of God, we often find ourselves in places of not knowing what next to do, and we catch ourselves questioning God: “What does my future hold?”, ” Why is my faith being stretched?”, “Will I ever get married?”. ” What will my children be when they grow up?”, “Will I be there for my children when they need me?”, etcetera…

We have to learn to trust God when we do not understand what is happening in our lives, and we need to become comfortable with unanswered questions.

You and I may never have every answer we want when we want it, so we need to relax and get comfortable knowing and trusting God, the one who does know. Without trust, it is impossible to enjoy today and be ready to face tomorrow with expectancy.

Job had many reasons to question God as he faced a staggering series of crises and losses, said, ” Though he slays me, yet will I wait for and trust him” (Job 13:15). Job did not understand what was going on in his life but made the decision to trust God anyway.

I believe that was the only way he could find peace in the midst of his terrible circumstances. Similarly, you and I will never have peace in our lives until we learn to stop trying to figure everything out and how to start trusting God more.

We cannot say with our mouths, ” I trust God”, and then allow our emotions to be upset and our thoughts to run wild. We have to be diligent to maintain a steady, unwavering posture of faith and trust towards God in our hearts and minds.

This has helped me to be honest with myself about whether or not I was truly trusting God or obeying my emotions. I had to face the truth that is I was worried, I was not really trusting God.

Being honest about my level of faith actually helped me grow in faith and get to where I need to be. If you’re the kind of person who has to have everything figured out in order to settle down, let me encourage you today to accept the fact that you’re not likely to receive all the answers you want in this lifetime.

Choose to stop demanding explanations and to begin practising trust. Instead of asking God why tell him you trust him. This is part of how you can trust God in a practical way when you do not understand what is happening.

God wants our trust, not my questions. When you can only see one step ahead of you but would prefer to see the entire journey, take that one step and trust God to show you the next one.

When you know God could supply a need for you without much effort at all, but his response is delayed, trust him to answer you in his perfect timing.

His thoughts and ways are higher, better, and wiser than ours. He can see the end from the beginning, and He knows answers we cannot yet comprehend. We need to trust him when we do not understand.

God bless you.

Blessings and Love

Photo Credit: Pixabay

7 thoughts on “Can We Trust When We Don’t Understand?

  1. Nice entry again, it could be when you’re walking at night and fears are habits t protecting myself, you’re a light when the dark is around us and it could be a nice step to future times, when you don’t know things…welcome to new experience and it could be addicted thing as chocolate 🤔🤔🤔🤔 I love chocolate & cocoa


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