Make Yourself Accountable…#Don’t Be Afraid To Say No!

Hello everyone!

What is it about saying “no” that makes us so anxious? I haven’t stopped asking myself this question since yesterday. I was having a tough time saying no to someone I cared about for fear of hurting him. Honesty isn’t easy I know, and it takes courage, to tell the truth. But I’ve learned the truth is the only answer that will move you forward authenticity. So, yesterday I had to muster the courage, to be honest, and say no.

Most of us stretch ourselves thin, overload our schedules just because we are too scared and concerned with what others think. It’s okay to say, no.

Saying No is simple though not easy. Instead of doing something against your will, just say, “No”. Instead of going to where you’re not invited just so you can please him, just say, “No, that doesn’t work with my schedule right now!”

When you’ve got a lot on your table and your boss wants you to take up more than you can handle and wouldn’t be patient with you if you don’t turn in on time, simply say, “No, i can’t handle this right now, but i will shortly”.

No one should pressure you into doing something that you’d never do. I know some would say, ” I don’t want to let anyone down, I can’t pass off my responsibilities to someone else”. Stop trying to convince yourself that you can do anything to please people. You will only wear out.

The truth makes you free but first, you have to admit it. Learn to say no when you need to and yes when you need to. When you feel the need to say yes when you mean to say no, confront your negative thinking. Your imagination can get the best of you when fear is involved.

We need to question the health of any relationship in which we can not be honest without thinking about the dire consequences.

Be simple. Keep it real and please know that you can not do everything. “Do not let the fear of striking out keep you from playing the game”.

Love and Blessing

Photo Credit: Pixabay


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