Morning Digest…

My attention was drawn to one brand of toilet roll called “End Of Discussion”. At first, I could not understand why a toilet roll should bear such a name, but as I reflected more on the issue, I understood what the company meant.

I think what they meant was that all things eaten will end at the toilet. All of the men struggle to partake from balance or imbalance diets, from 211, 111,101, 011 or 110 etcetera, will end in the toilet.

Man’s labor had almost primarily ended at nothing but the availability of the grace of God has made anything doing worth doing and worth doing well. Gods special grace in our lives should be appreciated.

The best we can do to show appreciation is to do his will and acknowledge the ” The power of his grace” in our life. Do you still remember what happened in your life in the past, how you were very close to death? How God rescued and saved you surprisingly and all you could say was, “This must be grace”?

We must learn to sit back and thank God for all he’s doing, he had done, and will do in our lives. It is wonderful.

Our God is good, now and always.

Good morning everyone. Have a blessed day.

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