Forgiveness Isn’t Negotiable!

Hello everyone! Yesterday, a colleague of mine said something that got me thinking all day. He said, “Whitney, why do we have to forgive those that hurt us real bad? Why can’t we cut them off and walk away?”. I responded, “How many do you intend to walk away from? How many people are you going to cut off from your life? You must be ready to leave on an island then”. He wasn’t convinced with my response and went ahead to say, “Why can’t forgiveness be negotiable? Huh??

Now, this got my attention. I understand he must be hurting for him to say that. But then, Negotiable? Meaning I don’t have to forgive you now, but I can forgive you for other offences. Does that mean we can roll over our forgiveness and still expect others to understand and forgive us? If God were to choose not to forgive us, how many of us would be here now? Can we really negotiate forgiveness and when we should forgiveness? Can our peace of mind be negotiable as well? Because forgiveness brings us peace.

The principle of forgiveness is like sowing and reaping. You don’t forgive, you also don’t get forgiven. God’s commandment is that we should forgive. It’s not negotiable; this is what we must do if we want to be forgiven.

Mathew 6:4-15 has this to offer; For if ye forgive men their trespasses, your heavenly Father will also forgive you. But if ye forgive not men their trespasses, neither will your Father forgive your trespasses.

If we attach anything to forgiveness, it amounts to negotiation. We should not say, ” if he greets me, I will greet him, or ” since he didn’t forgive me then, I’m postponing his forgiveness”. Without good communication, forgiveness will never occur. When people bear grudges against others and pile up charges for others, this is bereft of forgiveness. Forgiveness needs the spirit of communication and not negotiation. How did he come up with the idea that forgiveness is negotiable?

We should forgive others here and now. You may not get that chance tomorrow. Do we want peace? Do we want to hear from God? Do we want to get closer to him? Then forgive your offenders. It’s simple. Stop postponing it.

Walking with God can not be possible if we don’t have a forgiving spirit. Forgiveness releases us from fearfulness. Those that are fearful are not walking with God. When we forgive even those that owe us, God will open other ways for us and what we have done will go a long way to alleviating the debtor and bringing blessings to us.

Christ forgave even those that killed him. He didn’t postpone nor negotiated their forgiveness. Stephen did the same. We should endeavour today to love everyone enough to forgive them and have a clear mind towards all. We need Gods grace to have the unbroken type of love towards everyone.

We should live above evil perceptions and match to the next level of love, godliness and forgiveness. Judas betrayed Christ, yet He called him “Friend”.

If you’ve got anyone you need to forgive please go ahead and forgive them and stop trying to negotiate it. Forgiveness should come from the heart. It’s not negotiable. It is free.

Blessings and Love

Photo Credit: Pixabay


11 thoughts on “Forgiveness Isn’t Negotiable!

  1. Magnifique article ! Merci Whitney.
    Oui, le pardon est un puissant moyen pour la liberté, le bonheur, le succès, la paix, l’amitié…
    Bisous de France. ❤


  2. i feel there are times we should walk away or distance ourselves from some people that have hurt us. this may not mean you cant forgive them, but there maybe a pattern to them hurting you. they are just too toxic. im sure you wont agree with this view, but that is OK. for this would be a boring world if we all felt the same. 🙂

    a good write


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