How Careful Are You?

Hello everyone! I visited a neighbourhood and on the entrance of a shop I saw an inscription that says, ” To let”. A few weeks later when I visited that same neighbourhood, I noticed that someone had added the “I” between “to and let” and it became a toilet.

As I journeyed back home, I couldn’t help but ponder over it. It reminded me of a simple truth that I had or I’m beginning to forget “To be careful how i live my life”.

Our words are truly powerful, what we say no would still echo long after we’ve gone. Is it possible that the owner of the store did something wrong that someone still remembers? Is he really that bad? Has he said something that marred someone? Is his lifestyle so damaged that it can be likened to a toilet? So many questions right?

The words we speak go into our own ears as well as other people’s and then drop into their souls where they either give them joy or sadness, peace or war, depending on what you must have said. One thing is sure, speaking words that destroy don’t go away easily and the scars they leave don’t heal easily.

How often have I been careful? I can’t tell. How often have you been careful? I realised that some days I am too caught up in myself and my needs and what people say about me. Other days I find myself distracted, pursuing unimportant things and fears that I wish I don’t have.

The distractions are endless. Regardless, there are opportunities to make an impact in our societies and in the lives of the people around us, leave our footprints in the sand of the seashore. I pray we do not make grave and costly mistakes that will never be erased from the heart and minds of people in years to come.

There are so many ways to be careful about how we live. The best bet is to put God first. Let him direct and guide your path. Next, is be moral and upright in all you do. This can be a bit tasking, demanding and almost impossible but it can be done. Find a safe haven in all you endeavour to do.

We all have challenges, difficulties, pains, in life but we can choose to make them better by the way we chose to talk about it and handle it. What we choose to do now will echo through eternity. Let’s be careful about how we live our lives.

How careful can one really be? I will leave the floor open for you to air your view on how careful do you think you are?


5 thoughts on “How Careful Are You?

  1. Nice Whitney, we are our mirrow and if you see a shadow silhouette… be careful… our mirrow is pristine and clear wake up and enjoy as possible… mirror is our soul in the Mother Earth.


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