Morning Reflections…

What does God have in store for you today? His dreams for your life is so much greater than you can imagine. Do you know that if God showed you everything he has in store for you, it would boggle your mind?

So many people look at their lives and only see the addiction to drugs, alcohol, pornography, financial mess they’ve gotten themselves in, and they say, “What am I going to do? Even God can’t help me”, ” Does God even exist?”.

Yes, he does exist. Yes, God can help you. Stop limiting him! Many people miss pivotal opportunities in their lives because they’ve grown accustomed to the status quo. They refuse to make room in their own thinking for the new things God wants to do in their lives.

When a great opportunity comes along, rather than launching out in faith, they say, “Well, that could never happen to me. That’s just too good to be true”. Its time to quit limiting God. Remember: God is your source, and his creativity and resources are unlimited!

God may give you a dream or an idea for an invention, a book, a song, or a movie. One idea from God can forever change the course of your life. God is not limited by what you have or don’t have. He can do anything if you will simply stop limiting him in your thinking.

Good morning. Have a lovely day.

Peace and Love

Photo Credit: Pixabay


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