The Blind Side Of Our Faith…

I had a meeting with great minds recently and we discussed on the blindside’s of religion and in particular the Christian faith. The discussion opened my eyes to a lot of truth and I couldn’t help but wonder, “How and when did we get so lost?”, ” Is this what Christ and the apostles bled and died for?”.

Truthfully the richness of our lives is in our connections with others. And, I don’t mean our friendships or family. It is reflected in how we treat others because it is a reflection of how we feel about ourselves. Oftentimes, when we criticize others it is because there is something that hurts inside of us and eating us up.

Criticizing others can never make us feel better, it only produces a momentary relief. We’ve been taught fear and condemnation. We’ve been made to feel we are not good enough, beat down and constantly reminded of how weak and unworthy we are.

The devil’s trick is to keep many believers in doctrinal chains even when they know they are free and hide the truth of God from them. They’ve been kept in ignorance for too long that they cannot differentiate between an illusion from reality(truth). We hardly get the complete truths of Gods word today. Everything seems watered down.

Indirectly and subconsciously we have been taught that part of our responsibility as believers is to keep telling people how bad they are. The more we do this, the more acclaim we receive. And, to most of us, there is no better truth.

It reminds me of the story of a little bird that was hatched in a cage. He did not know anything about life outside of that cage, for he had never been outside. As he grew, he began to notice that appendage on his sides and wondered what they were. One day he learned that his wings would lift up and down.

He flapped his wings so fast that he flew into the side of the cage. He did that over and over. Deep inside he heard a little voice saying, “You’re not made for a cage”. But that was the only life he knew. Then someone mistakenly left the cage door open, and the bird flew out for the first time. Can’t you hear that little bird saying,” This is it! I was made for something bigger than a cage!”

The devil has made certain that the body of Christ is all caged up. We have been fed biblical birdseed when we need meat to become eagles. Millions of Christian are behind cages, locked up in doctrines that say genuine miracles have passed away and the days of supernatural direction are over. The church is now in the era of showmanship and rasmatas.

What we feed our spirit is important. Our spirit will not grow as long as we continue to eat rice and chicken and depend on what the pastor says. We must study the word of God for ourselves and know what God says or didn’t say. Learn to act on the word instead of on what he sees, feels, or hears.

The devil walks around like a roaring lion seeking for who to devour. And, today, he walks around in suit and briefcase. We have the power of choice to change our destiny. Too many traditions of men in the church have led us to believe we can please God by our works and by obeying all the laws.

We’ve gone ahead to try and win the battles of life with philosophy or the traditions of men. Christ paid it all on the cross of Calvary, there is nothing else left for you to pay. He gave salvation for all men not for some. God has given to every man the same measure of faith to believe on the Lord Jesus Christ.

The word is near you, in your mouth and in your heart: that if you confess with your mouth the Lord Jesus Christ and believe in your heart that God has raised him from the dead, you will be saved.

Sadly, countless believers live under a constant sense of condemnation, feeling they will never be good enough for salvation or do anything for His glory because they’ve been made to believe they’ve got a default. One that has made people including God to cast aspersions on them.

“Isn’t it funny how we easily play God, take his grace for granted and then pray to him?”

Righteousness, being made just and holy before God, comes to us as a free gift. We can never earn it. We will never be good enough to receive it. It does not come by external observances, by keeping the list of dos and don’ts or wearing the designated proper clothing as recommended by your church or not wearing makeup. It only comes to us by faith in Christ Jesus.

“Every person must choose to live like a king, or he or she will automatically exist as a slave”.

You’ve got a choice! Get rid of the religious baggage that keeps you from living fully in the righteousness of God. God bless you.

Grace and Peace

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7 thoughts on “The Blind Side Of Our Faith…

    1. Well said, Joseph. We are recipients of the imputation of Christ’s righteousness and therefore need to enjoy full acceptance with God and the everlasting inheritance of life and joy.

      Thank you for sharing.

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  1. I have found that knowing the law does indeed make us unworthy because we can never hope to keep those commandments perfectly…..I have also found that is only half the story. The rest is the wonderful grace of God’s perfect sacrifice, Jesus, who died for me despite my failure to keep the law. What an amazing God we have. I love the law because it makes me aware of the depth of grace and how that grace came at a price.

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    1. We can never be able to keep the law. Through grace, we have been able to understand how high, and how deep God’s love is to us.

      Very revealing and insightful. God bless you ma’am. Thank you for sharing.

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